The Orville — Pria — Review

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The Orville keeps getting better and better, each week I feel like I say that, but each week it is true. It’s not about which sci-fi show is “right” or “best” because it should just be about getting to enjoy various sci-fi shows and liking them all. I love what The Orville brings to this genre and I really do feel like the cast and crew of the show appreciate the genre, the shows that came before it, and are excitedly making a new path for shows in the future. You can’t go wrong with a side of humor to your sci-fi, you just can’t.

While trying to teach Isaac about humor and the subtle art of practical jokes, the crew is interrupted by an alarming distress signal. I want to point out that the practical jokes between Malloy and Isaac are freaking hilarious. And though I’m normally a big fan of the Malloy/LaMarr pairing, I think I might have a new favorite. Malloy decides to show Isaac what a practical joke is, so he sticks Mr. Potato Head pieces all over Isaac while he is recharging. Everyone gets a good laugh and Malloy then leaves Isaac with the challenge to get him back. Get him when he isn’t expecting it and with something that he won’t see coming. So a few days later Isaac does just that…by removing Malloy’s leg one night while he is asleep and then hiding the leg. Best practical joke ever. Now, back to the alarming distress signal. A crashed ship needs their help. Of course after seeing just how attractive this stranded captain is Ed, LaMarr, and Malloy quickly decide that they will do whatever it takes to recuse her. After a close call of almost getting sucked into a nearby sun and burning a horrible horrible death, they make it back to The Orville. Everyone seems to be enamored with new guest, Pria, but Kelly has some concerns that Ed won’t address.

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Thinking that she’s just jealous of Pria and the way Ed was looking at her over drinks, he dismisses her concern that Pria might be lying about who she really is and that Ed should be a bit more protective of his ship and his crew. Not every guest deserves backstage access after all. Kelly convinces Alara to do a search of Pria’s quarters, fudging the records just a bit to get access. They discover a small silver box type device that cannot be penetrated by their scanners. Before anything else can be found out, Pria discovers them in her room. Kelly and Alara get in trouble with Ed over this breach of protocol, but Kelly still thinks that Ed isn’t seeing things clearly. Ed and Pria end up getting a little personal, and Ed opens up to her about his past and his trust issues after the divorce. So I think that Kelly might be right, Ed can like Pria all he wants, but he should think with his brain here, not anything else. His ship and the safety of his crew should be top priority.

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The Orville ends up trapped in a dark matter cloud storm, which is pretty terrifying considering they can’t see anything that is attacking them, but they’re taking massive damage hits and fast. Pria is somehow able to maneuver The Orville to safety, some small damage to the ship, but nothing that can’t be repaired over a few days time. She gives LeMarr coordinates for some nearby friends, and she assures Ed that her friends will be happy to help repair their ship after saving her life. They can then drop her off and be on their way. Because nothing seems fishy about that at all… Sure enough her little silver box is able to take out the ships communications and ensures that she has complete control of the vessel. See, Pria is actually from the future where she deals in the black market sales of vintage ships. The entire crew was supposed to die in the dark matter storm, because she saved them the timeline has been altered. She can now take their ship through this wormhole into her future, where she will sell the ship to the highest bidder and the crew gets to live out their days in the future.

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Luckily for Ed, he’s got a pretty bad-ass crew. And Isaac is able to get inside of the ships main computer system and regain control. Ed gets The Orville back to their own time and makes the decision to close the wormhole for good. It means that the wormhole won’t allow Pria or any of her friends to come back through and take people against their will to a future they don’t want to live in. Clearly The Orville’s destruction in that dark matter storm isn’t a fixed moment in time, and so even though Pria altered the timeline, hopefully the repercussions won’t be too bad from it. Butterfly effect and all. Hopefully Ed will learn to listen to his XO in the future, even if that means listening to your ex-wife tell you not to make gaga eyes at the strange sexy woman you just saved.

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