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Colony S3 Premiere – Answers and Questions and Traps – Review

Colony is finally back! RAPs and the Resistance, Bram, Charlie and Grace, Snyder, Will and Katie, but no Broussard, yet. They’re all still alive, and look like they’re doing well!

The last time we saw the Bowmans – and Snyder – they were racing out of LA, escaping the total rendition that’s caught Katie’s sister Maddie, and everyone else. It’s great to know that they made it north, to what looks like a lovely part of the Pacific northwest. Will and Katie seem to have put their differences aside and are more united than ever; they’re catching fish and raising chickens. They have their personal Hazel, aka Proxy Snyder, doing the laundry and cooking the food. But this is far from the bucolic mountain vacation it looks like – and good thing, because that would be BORING to watch!!!

Daily visits from a walker drone, emergency plans, shooting noises on tape – none of this is a normal childhood for Bram, Charlie and Gracie. And today isn’t a normal day for the Bowmans, even in their isolation – the walker alarm comes early, the walker goes beyond the perimeter they’ve set up, and WAIT! A giant space ship, on fire, flies low above their heads, crashing somewhere in the area. Will makes Snyder come with him to that cool observation deck (anybody know if this is a real place?) because he thinks Snyder might know more than he’s told them so far. And he does! What a revelation – that rumor says the RAPs’ moon base might be making space-based defensive weapons, that there might be a bigger, badder enemy out there. And that enemy may have just crashed on Earth. Will asks him if he’s ever heard of a RAP ship crashing before – “you mean other than the one your son detonated over the LA Bloc?” Smartass. They’re right to not trust Snyder any farther than they can launch him! He’s become quite skilled at evading and massaging the truth. 

Bram is still headstrong, but he’s abiding by the rules – not rushing out and trying to contact the Resistance. He’s just gathering information. And pushing for them to do something with the gauntlet. Smart kid! He’s able to pick up a number station (did you watch Josh Holloway’s previous show, Lost?) broadcasting, and can triangulate a rough location. So he pushes Katie about doing something with the gauntlet they’ve kept hidden all these months. “Who’s in charge, you or dad?” he asks. She’s already told Will that she’s frustrated by their inaction with the alien item. “A lot of people died for that gauntlet.”

One thing I really like about this show is how Will doesn’t treat Katie like the “little woman” – she’s a skilled, equal member of their team. And they make decisions together. So when they have to clear out because there are Gray Hats in the area, she’s right in front with Will. Katie and Will rush out to draw them away while Snyder leads the younger children to their getaway truck; when Bram shows up, Snyder says he has to “go help” the parents. We can do without this kind of help, Alan.

COLONY — “Maquis” Episode 301 — Pictured: Sarah Wayne Callies as Katie Bowman — (Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network)

The scariest moment of the episode, for me, was when Katie and Will were running to meet the rest of their family and the walker drone came up to Will and scanned him. This is the third time a drone has turned away from Will instead of turning him into a blood cloud. I hope we get the answer to that this season. Katie hasn’t seen this before, though – I wonder how much this freaked her out.

But how did the Gray Hats find them? Did anyone have “Proxy is a lying treacherous sack of deceit” in the Red Button poll? Sure, most of you did. (Come on, ‘fess up if you thought he was making sure his garage door was down. You were WRONG.) But geez, six MONTHS? “I can’t take it any more,” he tells the Gray Hat leader. Sure you can, Alan, and you will – you don’t get to return home until you’ve completely betrayed everyone – although, since nobody, including the Bowmans, thinks you’ve really had a change of heart, can it honestly be betrayal? – and found the missing RAP, the one that the other Resistance camp presumably has. So because Will has a reputation, well deserved, as a skilled interrogator, a whack for Alan to make his story of running into the Gray Hats, but escaping, believable. And oh, because Gray Hat Leader is irritated that you called them out and got some of his guys killed without completing your objective.

This is not a great day for the Bowmans – on the way to their second safe house, they come across a large number of tall trees chopped off at the top – turns out a smaller alien ship has skimmed the treetops and crashed. What IS that thing that Katie and Will see – a RAP? Or possibly the second, even badder alien? And the Resistance has responded to Bram, giving a rendesvous spot. The gauntlet is moving on, finally. Is it going to people who can actually use it? Could it, as Katie tells Gracie, help to restore the world they’ve lost? (Charlie only has about 7 words this whole episode, and he’s the only one that gets the truth – “that world’s gone.”

What’s up for the season? In a live Q&A earlier this evening with Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies and Tory Kittles, before the premiere, Sarah said that the second half of this season is about Cambridge Analytica – not literally, but about a data-crunching story line that was written before the whole Facebook scandal came out. This will involve guest star Wayne Brady’s character, a genius who developed the database that presumably was used to track down people that were recruited into the Transitional Authority, like Snyder, and track down the people to eliminate at the beginning of the crisis, like Will. And from next week’s coming attraction, he’s now involved with a new Colony in Seattle? More mysteries to come! You can see the reply of this Q&A on Colony’s Facebook page.

We know that Graham McTavish, from Outlander and The Hobbit series, will have a guest-star arc. I’ve met Graham a couple of times, and saw him two weeks ago – when I asked him for a quick comment about his storyline, he got a twinkle in his eye and said he really enjoyed playing the character. That’s all I’ll tell you about that for now. But man, oh man….

The Bowmans are on the run! What’s in store? Tune in next week, same bat time, same bat channel!

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