Krypton’s Season Finale “The Phantom Zone” Will Blow You Away!

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If that isn’t a season finale I don’t know what is! “The Phantom Zone” was non-stop the whole time!  I am so glad I decided to stick it out and finish this show because man it really caught me.  PLUS, they got renewed for a second season!  So much happened that I imagine if they didn’t renew it the entire Krypton fanbase would be so upset, and pissed!  There was a lot of wrapping up of loose ends and they did a good job at making me feel a sense of completion, but also made me excited for season two!

Phantom Zone

KRYPTON — “The Phantom Zone” Episode 110 — Pictured: Colin Salmon as General Zod — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/Syfy)


The truth about Val-El comes out!  Zod has been lying to Seg this whole time, so once again it’s still so bothersome that they were so quick to throw Adam to the side!  Zod knew that Val was still alive and knew that he was trapped in the Phantom Zone, but when Zod came forward Seg didn’t seem all that furious.  I wonder why.  It’s all fine and dandy though, since Val is now back as a real human.  I do really like that there seems to be an appearance difference between the Hologram Val and the real Val.  It’s like they made him look younger in the Holo version, because of course he was younger when he made that!

Brainiac was so creepy.  They made him look so good.  The makeup and even slight CG in there was incredible.  He gave me shivers when he was talking.  They really made him feel evil and his motives were clear and strong.  I can’t believe, well maybe I can, that Zod really brought Brainiac to the Fortress of Solitude!  I know it was his plan to get Brainiac there, but they definitely made it seem like he was doing it for all the wrong reasons.  It made me gasp when they sucked Brainiac into the Phantom Zone!


Kandor is safe and sound!  The Sagitari lost a lot of troops, but Lyta made a strong decision.  I feel for her though, she went through a lot of emotional trauma.  Once again I am blown away by the fact that she shot her mom and choose Zod.  She seemingly regretted her decision and when she was explaining to Dev what happened she lost it.  After the breakdown she decided that a choice had to be made and that Krypton needed to be saved, no matter what the cost.  She has really grown up this season, she became such a strong character and is as ruthless, hell even more so, than Jayna!  Unfortunately for Lyta, Zod turned into a dictator and it looks like is leadership is going to bring Krypton to its knees.  Also, even though I don’t know Superman I do know “kneel before Zod” and I squeed!


KRYPTON — “The Phantom Zone” Episode 110 — Pictured: Wallis Day as Nyssa-Vex — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/Syfy)

It was kind of fun to see Nyssa and Lyta working hand in hand.  Nyssa realized that Kandor’s demise would put her child at risk and she made a decision.  We learned a lot about the Genesis Chamber this episode, too.  Apparently, my theory about Jax-Ur being Nyssa’s mother was wrong.  However, there was a deep secret she knew about Nyssa!  She isn’t the original!  What does that even mean for her and her past/present/future?  Who else in Kandor is a clone of themselves?  So many questions!

KRYPTON — “The Phantom Zone” Episode 110 — Pictured: Blake Ritson as Braniac — (Photo by: Steffan Hill/Syfy)

To The End

Val is now going to have to push himself to learn more about Brainiac and about the Phantom Zone.  He’s really going to be useful in the season to come, hopefully Adam comes back and they team up.  They’re definitely going to be integral part of fixing Seg’s fate!  I was really sad that Adam barely made an appearance, but wherever he is it doesn’t seem like he’s getting out any time soon.  Also, where is Jayna?!  Who was that mysterious stranger that saved her?  Hopefully we will find out!  And what of Nyssa and her child’s fate?  Plus, Seg and Brainiac are now trapped in the Phantom Zone together!  It’s going to be an insane second season! 

All in all, I am so glad I stuck it out and watched the entire season.  The actors really came into their own and as the season progressed you could tell they were comfortable really leaning into it.  The writers also grew and made the story-line more cohesive and the plot actually come together.  I definitely think the second season is going to be a win, I’m looking forward to watching it all unfold!


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