Killjoys: Greening Pains & A Lady On The Move – Review, EP. 405

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Right out of the gate I have to note two mistakes I feel were made in Ep. 405 of Killjoys, “Greening Pains.” And I hope that these mistakes manifest a strong and dire response from those who have been wronged — as well as those who care about them.

Mistake No. 1, the kidnapping of Gared. Listen, we all swooned with delighted joy at Warlord Pree. The flowing locks, the confident hunky command, the overall vibe of Pree as a warlord was, in a word, glorious. But in EP. 405, his man Gared has been kidnapped by a new group of baddies (Hullen operatives?) and it struck me as potentially a disastrous mistake from this new menace.

Why? Because I’ve got to believe that Pree on a vengeful rampage in pursuit of his love could be, and should be, a body-count delight. When he finds out his “Gare-bear’ has been hijacked, let’s hope we see vengeful Pree in all his glory.  Do it for us, Pree. Do it for us.

While I don’t know that will happen, when I saw Gared tied up with the children that have been adbucted, my overrriding thought was, “Oooh, Pree is not going to like this.” So, should be interesting to see what transpires in the hunt for Gared.

Second mistake that was made by the baddies was shooting the incomparable Fancy Lee. I’m assuming Fancy is going to recover, but much like I’ve got some expectant mayhem feelings for the Pree situation, I’m kind of feeling that way where Fancy is concerned. A quiet, focused, no-nonsense kind of guy, I’d like to believe that Fancy will take this assault on his person…well, personally…and exact a wonderfully violent toll on those who perpetrated this foul deed.

KILLJOYS — “Greening Pains” Episode 405 — Pictured: Sean Baek as Fancy Lee — (Photo by: Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY)

Once again, I have no knowledge of what is to come, but a guy can hope, can’t he? And in these two cases, my hope is that Pree and Fancy unleash a little hell on those who would foolishly push their way into their world. Hey Fancy and Pree, let’s get “busy” with righteous retribution, shall we?

So, Delle Seyah’s two-day-old boy is about 15 by the time this episode ends. And what’s more, he’s far more than rampaging metabolism and raging  hormones — he’s got the Hullen in him as well (He’s got the Hullen him, the Hullen in him, He’s got the Hullen in hiiiimmm. It’s a song….guess you got to be of a certain age). What’s interesting about this new addition to the group is the effect his presence is having on Delle Seyah and D’Avin. There’s obviously some interesting dynamics at play here as everyone tries to figure out how they should feel or what they should do with the three-way relationship.

While our young boy ponders just how to get more food, it became apparent that Delle Seyah, shorn of the Hullen infection, is struggling to come to grips with feelings that she seemingly doesn’t understand or want. When she finally came around later in the episode (“Go ahead and whip him, that’s what servants are for,”), there was a palpable struggle with her emotions.

She’s not a touchy-feely-loving type of lady on her best days, so this (combined with the Hullen removal) has obviously thrown her for a loop. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, but my guess is Delle Seyah takes a powder because she simply can’t deal with it — and she has a burning desire to find Aneela and become Hullen again. That leaves our young lad with….D’Avin.

KILLJOYS — “Greening Pains” Episode 405 — Pictured: Patrick Garrow as Turin — (Photo by: Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY)

Oh D’Avin, the pangs of parenthood are rolling around in your tummy quite a lot, aren’t they. It’s funny, because of the two parents, he seems the most intent on making something out of this new famillial relationship. There’s a very real struggle he’s fighting in this episode in terms of what he should say, what he should be, and what he really feels.

I enjoyed it and felt it was some of Luke McFarlane’s best work on the show. It kind of all culminates towards the end when they stop “Spider” Pip from taking the boy and D’Avin gets to utter those immortal words…”I’m your father.” Fortunately, the young boy didn’t contort his face and scream, “Noooooooo.” (See what I did there?).

Again, my feeling is that D’Avin is going to be the primary parent to this youngster moving forward, so another dynamic will be developing as we move this story along.

So, we had a couple Hullen developments that would seem to indicate that The Lady is getting the pieces together for whatever is to come. We’ve got the Hullen stealing kids on Westerley, we’ve got Pip being led astray by the spider within him as he tries to kidnap our young boy (D’Avin with the killer head-butt), and the comatose Hullen suddenly come to life, making Turin’s experience a little too scary. All these are most certainly connected to The Lady and would seem to indicate that the newborn 15-year-old boy is the key.

Turin’s little sojourn around the ship when the “Dolls” vanish was pretty interesting and provided an opportunity to make a new frend — Weej. The Hullen that Zeph sort of retrofit to help run the ship actually saves Turin’s life when the “Dolls” come to life and eventually get in their many ships and head off. Here’s to hoping Weej offers more to the proceedings moving forward. It’s funny to watch Turin and his attempt at moral redemption. He’s a crusty fart with a cynical vibe a mile wide. Love the character, though.

KILLJOYS — “Greening Pains” Episode 405 — Pictured: (l-r) Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch, Aaron Ashmore as John — (Photo by: Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY)

So there’s all this turmoil going on regarding our young lad and our Trio of D’Av, Dutch and Johnny concoct a fun little plan to kidnap a guy with plenty of bio-weapons experience, which they feel is the best course of action toward helping the fast-growing youth in their midst (and it eventually works). As the plan unfolds, we get a pair of killer arcs that were just too good. The target of their little escapade is a “guy” named Kravn.

Thanks to Pip’s frequent forays into the underbelly of the Quad, he’s gonna help them make contact. Of course, that sets in motion all types of stuff, most notably the plan to kidnap a reclusive Kravn.

D’Avin goes in the front door as a distraction while Dutch and Johnny stake out the panic room their target likes to hide in. The fight between D’Avin and Kraven’s hired muscle was a joy. The two guys laughing as they belt each other around, then pump more stimulants into their respective bodies was fun. It was one of those little golden arcs that this show so often delivers on its way to a bigger payoff. Inject the stims, bat each other around a laugh like idiots about it because you like it. Didn’t last long, but each cutaway to it was enjoyable. Just a high that keeps on giving (Back on board ship, D’Avin ponders his fingers.)

And that led to just a delightful run with the slippery Kravn, who wasn’t a person as all, but a consciousness downloaded into a computer system. And was this entity a snarky, biting, funny bit of play. The lines this “thing” kept tossing out there were marvelous. “Stripping this young thing naked has no effect on me…has the headache started. Losing consciousness? You’ll probably shit yourself first. Oooh, that’s my favorite part.” Just golden stuff.

KILLJOYS — “Greening Pains” Episode 405 — Pictured: Hannah John-Kamen as Dutch — (Photo by: Ian Watson/Killjoys IV Productions Limited/SYFY)

And once Kravn and Lucy were in the system together — magic. The interplay between Julian Doucet and Tamsen McDonough as Kravn and Lucy during their moments together was just a pure delight.

Lucy is always a good ride, but Kravn’s added flirtiness and obvious infatuation with the Lucy program was really good stuff and it was incredibly convincing via the talents of McDonough and Doucet (a writer/producer on the show as well). I’d like to think we’d get a little more of Kravn at some point because that character was a hoot. But we shall see.

So now the pieces would seem to be moving. The Lady has obviously roused her minions to arms and we’ve got Dutch figuring out that Khlyen’s story was a code. Can she, Johnny and D’Avin figure things out before the Lady is at full strength? How will our bouncing baby teenage boy figure into the equation? And what of Gared and the children that have been kidnapped? He’s promised that everything will be okay…but at what cost?

There are a lot of moving parts right now in season 4 of Killjoys, a lot that would appear to be tenuous at best. In short, things are getting good, real good.

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