Star Blazers 2202 Part 1 Blu-Ray Review

It’s been three years since the Yamato’s voyage to restore Earth, and since then, a lasting peace with the Gamilans has borne fruit. Due to Earth’s newly acquired technological might, humankind has begun a military expansion. However, Gatlantis, a new threat lurking far beyond our star system, will once again put humanity to the test. Responding to a mysterious plea, the Yamato and its crew must undertake one more mission for the good of their species and of the universe itself.


The sequel to Star Blazers 2199, the new season covers the Comet Empire arc of the Star Blazers universe. Everything seemed perfect now that Earth had been restored and had technological advances that leap frogged them decades into the future. They even had a lasting peace with the Gamilans sharing technology and support. However, a forgotten past has come back to destroy humanity and Gamilans alike: Gatlantis.

Kodai is now acting captain of the Yamato which he finds to be difficult at times as he remembers the former captain. The entire crew were called to arms by a mysterious vision from the stars, Teresa. Their goal now is to find Terrazart and hold back the pending invasion from Gatlantis. The crew finds themselves running into far more obstacles than they are used to. Ones that hit closer to the heart then they ever expected. From exploding soldiers, to spies within their ranks, this fight won’t be an easy one to win.

Star BlazersI like Kodai’s character in the first season more than I do in the second. Season 2 did bring out his level headed political and negotiation skills more than before. Season 2 spent less time on the characters we grew to know in season 1 and they spent a lot of time fleshing out other characters which helped make up for the lack of development with Kodai. After all the story is about the Yamato and its crew, not just Kodai and his relationship with a girl who loses her memory every time she bumps into a wall.

Star Blazers 2202 continues to hold to that 80s saturday morning cartoon nostalgia vibe while bringing us the retold story in new animation and visuals. The soundtrack also continues to be one of the highlights of the series. Star Blazers 2202 Part 1 contains episodes 1-13 and is available in the Funimation Shop.

If you missed our reviews of the first season, check them out here. The limited edition version of this release comes with some great collectibles for fans. The rigid art book, art cards and a beautiful chipboard box to hold both parts.

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