SDCC 2019: Doom Patrol Renewed for Season 2!

Oh Yeah

If you’re not watching Doom Patrol you’re really missing out. The show is full of heart, depression, raunch, and comedic timing and it now has a second season! Available on the DCUniverse App it’s a show about misfit superheroes trying to figure out how to fit in to the world around them. Each one of them has gone through some pretty awful things in their lives and have no other choice but to hide, well at first but I won’t spoil it! It fits into the greater DCU alongside shows like Titans, Swamp Thing, and the upcoming Stargirl!

If you’re not familiar with Doom Patrol take a look at the teaser preview. I definitely recommend that you check the show out. I am very excited that they renewed it for a second season because I really love these characters and I think the story is an absolute blast! Stay tuned for more about the show soon!

Season 2

With an agreement with HBO Doom Patrol season 1 will soon be available on HBO Max and when season two begins it will air on both the DCU app and HBO Max, which is pretty cool for people who are wary about subscribing to anything else these days.

Doom Patrol

And, while I have you, I’m just going to say that I thoroughly enjoy the DCU app. The interface is great and I love the fact that I can watch any of the DC animated shows and movies on my phone, plus dive deeper into the lore of the comics by reading any of the titles available. It’s a pretty funny thing to be reading a comic book on your television too. Technology is insane, right? There are also a lot of interesting facts about the different DC characters that can help you get learn as much as you can about the characters! You can do a 7 day free trial too! I’m also just a huge DC fan!

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