David S. Goyer talks about bringing comics to the screen.

Adapting Comics To The Screen: An Interview – SDCC

For more than 25 years, David S. Goyer’s has delivered prolific and profound adaptations of comic-book characters and remains at the forefront of the genre and range from “Blade” to “Batman Begins” to “Man of Steel.” Goyer’s stopped by ComicCon@Home Saturday morning to talk about the processes he undertakes to make that happen.

Jeff Goldsmith, a journalist the publisher of Backstory Magazine hosted “The Art of Adapting Comics to the Screen: David S. Goyer Q&A,” and pulled plenty of interesting insights and ideas from the veteran creator. It was a fun give-and-take conversation that offered a glimpse into Goyer’s world of creativity, one that he has an obvious passion about.

David S. Goyer talks with Jerry Goldsmith about bringing comics to the screen during ComicCon@Home.

The interview takes a lengthy look at David’s career and writing habits – and of course provides insight into some of the most talked about moments in his films. The first half of the interview is spoiler-free, and then we get into his spoiler-specific thoughts regarding:

-Adding realism to Bruce Wayne by filling in the 7-year gap in his history in “Batman Begins.”
Ra’s Al Ghul’s death at the end of “Batman Begins.”
-Constructing the father/son tornado sequence in “Man of Steel.”
-Creating the memorable ending of “Man of Steel” in which for the first time everSuperman kills one of his foes.
-Plus there’s a very personal message from David on how important it is for us to do our best at social distancing and mask-wearing and how the pandemic has affected his family.

Check out the interview right here.

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