Interview: ‘The God Of High School’ English Voice Cast & Premiere

By: Robert Prentice
Crunchyroll God of High School

Premiering today, God Of High School will give us our first dubbed episode of the series. Crunchyroll grabbed an all-star cast to voice our title 3 characters for the series. We had a chance to ask them a few questions about the series and why fans should tune in. Check out their responses below and be sure to tune into new episodes simulcast every Monday 10:30 am EDT, and dubbed episodes every Monday afternoon at 4pm EDT.


Robbie Daymond

Q: How much background research do you do on a character to get into their head and motivations?

I like to watch as much of the show as possible if it’s available. And for this one in particular I went back to the subbed version to watch and I read some of the original WEBTOON comics to see where it was going. I like to play my characters in the moment, so I don’t always want to know what the ending is or what the next arc is. So it depends. For this show, with such an expansive universe, I wanted to know as much as I could to make it easier for me to fit into that world.

Q: How has your recording process changed working from home versus in a studio?

Things are definitely different at home. If I take a break, I just go inside my own house, which is pretty weird! Otherwise, I think, the voiceover industry adapted really well to this pandemic. I already had a home studio so I just did a little bit of upgrading and I was ready to go. Anime, commercials, video games & animation caught up within a couple of weeks of realizing that this was gonna last awhile. So far, it’s been great. I’m working with studios, producers, engineers, and directors that I like. It’s been mostly positive, but I do miss handshakes, in-person jokes, and people’s faces!

Q: Are you excited to see more Webtoons get the animated treatment? What excites you most about that?

The internet is full of so many talented people putting so much quality art. What’s hopeful for me is that maybe it can circumvent the traditional way a show gets discovered/made. We’re already seeing that if something has enough of a fan base, internet content can get the Triple-A

treatment. It’s exciting to think that this could lead to finding more up-and-coming or undiscovered artists that might not have had an opportunity to be seen otherwise.

Q: Why should fans tune into The God Of High School?

There’s a lot of reasons you should tune in. First of all, I’m awesome in it, haha, kidding!! Everything in the show, from the animation, story, and writing is just really excellent. Also, people love the webtoon and it’s been running a long time, getting more and more followers, so you know the story is going somewhere cool. It has so much potential to go even deeper. And, of course, who doesn’t love a killer action scene?

Sean Chiplock

Q: If you had to fight in the tournament, what skill or weapon of choice would you want to have?

For as long as I can remember, I have been incredibly intrigued by the design and fighting style used by Talim and her tonfa weapons in Soul Calibur, so without a doubt, I’d like to try and utilize that for myself. The combination of freedom of movement with a hybrid of close-range combat and defensive boxing techniques sounds particularly interesting.

Q: What did you find most interesting about your characters’ backstory and the story of The God Of High School?

I really enjoy following the journeys of characters that are acting on behalf of someone besides themselves, because it says a lot about who they are when it’s clear that someone else besides themselves will benefit from a successful accomplishment of their goal. Tournament-setting shows also have a common overarching theme in that everyone competing has their own reasons for doing so, many of which are equally valid. So the question then becomes – since only one victor can be declared in the end – who will have to sacrifice or compromise their goals to support someone else’s? Will they need to? Is there a way to find out?

Q: Why should fans tune into The God Of High School?

Anime centered around competitions and tournaments have been here for decades, but it’s rare that we get to see that story told from the perspective of a culture not usually showcased in media or adapted from a webcomic vs. a manga or novel. Part of the magic of anime (and animation in general) is that anything can happen from anywhere, and celebrating that diversity is important to bring in folks from all over the world in our appreciation of anime.

Veronica Taylor

Q: What types of pre-recording ritual do you do to get yourself ready to be in the mindset of your character?

I usually do vocal warm-ups before a session to get my full range ready for whatever may be needed. That helps me focus. Then I open the script and get to work.

Q: Which character do you think you could relate to the most and why?

I can relate to Mira’s determination to be her best. She feels a responsibility to her family to win this competition, but along the way, she discovers more about herself and what she finds important. I certainly have had similar goals in life. The people I meet and the adventures I have had, made the journey toward my goals all the more wonderful.

Q: What is your #1 recommendation to aspiring voice actors on the first thing they should do to get started?

Well, my background is in theatre so my recommendation is training. No matter what you want to be, you need to learn as much as you can and put those skills into practice. If you want to be an actor, taking acting classes. Learn how to develop a character, how to play a scene. Study singing/breathwork. Doing a funny voice is great at a party but to have a career, you need to know your craft.

Q: Why should fans tune into The God Of High School?

The story is creative, the animation is wonderful, and the characters all have terrific arcs. It is a wild ride. Even though the story is larger than life, the reality is that we see ourselves in these characters and will all know more about ourselves through their growth by the end.

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