Destination Fear Interview at San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to sit down with the Destination Fear team. We chatted about their upcoming season of Destination Fear which marks the series’ third season. They were a great group of people and the conversation was entertaining and very interesting. The Destination Fear team includes siblings Dakota and Chelsea Laden and their childhood friends Tanner Wiseman and Alex Schroeder. They have been urban spelunking and ghost hunting for their entire lives. Upping the ante, the team decided to go even further and separate themselves from each other. When they visit locations, each of them draws out of a hat to find out where they are going to be for the night. Then, they spend as long as they can alone and see how long they can last before fear really sets in. It’s a great premise and the show is wonderful. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend watching Destination Fear.

Check out our interview below:

It was really great to sit down with them and get to know them more. You can really tell how passionate the team is about what they do. They seem like they are always having a great time too. It’s fun to watch the dynamic and see how much they love to play pranks on each other, but also how much they care about each other. Going to Ireland was Dakota, Chelsea, and Alex’s first time out of the country and they talk about how much of a once-in-a-lifetime experience that was for them to share together. The episodes they shot in Ireland sound incredible and I cannot wait to see all the scares from both locations they filmed.

During the interview, they also give a little bit of a spoiler as to something that happens to them on Spike Island! That place sounds like an absolute terror, but honestly, I’d love to visit there and experience it! Dakota mentions how different the hauntings are in Ireland. The team agreed that there is a different feeling the entities there have about them. There were times where Dakota felt as though the entities knew exactly what the equipment was and knew how to turn it on too. The panel during Special Edition was fun and they showed sneak peeks of this upcoming season! Tanner talked about an experience he had while alone in Loftus Hall, which is supposedly one of the most haunted mansions in the world. Tune in to find out!

Destination Fear

They were gracious enough to ask if I wanted a photo with them.

You do not want to miss any more of this show! Be sure to check out Destination Fear on Discovery+ and Trvl Channel. They are currently airing episodes on Saturdays at 9 pm and are halfway through the current season.

Follow the “Destination Fear” team on Twitter – @DakotaLaden, @ChelseaLaden, @Tanner_Wiseman and @Alex_Schroeder4

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