Interview with “Toph” voice actor Michaela Murphy on Avatar & Hyype Space app

By: Robert Prentice
Avatar Michaela Murphy

We chatted with the voice actor for “Toph” on Avatar: The Last Airbender, Michaela Murphy, about the influence Toph has had on fans, and a new challenge app Hyype Space where she has some new awesome fan challenges where you can show off your skills and get voted by fans to win. What is Hyype Space? Hyype Space is a new challenge app providing a fun and safe social video challenge environment for people of all ages to dazzle the world with their talents and abilities and engage with brands they love.

This safe setup is created by only allowing users to provide positive feedback in the form of emoji claps when they like an entry to a challenge and no chat/comment features to avoid bullying. Michaela Murphy has set up a new challenge coming up for Halloween with chances to win cash prizes for showing off your Halloween spirit but there are many more to come. Check out our interview with Michaela below. We talk about Toph’s inspiration to fans around the world, Hyype Space, and upcoming projects she wants you to know about.

Avatar: The Last Airbender aired from 2005 to 2008. At the time Michaela Murphy was just 11 years old when she first took on the role of Toph. When Nickelodeon and Netflix came to a deal to bring the series to Netflix, it saw a resurgence of new fans to the series leading to many new live-action and animated features coming out for the license including a huge boom in consumer goods.

For the upcoming Hyype Space challenge simply visit Hyype.space and download the app (those under 18 should ask their parents for permission). Then search for @michaelamostly on the app and upload your entry for the Halloween Challenge before the end of the night Monday 10/31. Then voting begins and lasts through the end of the week. Be sure to also follow Michaela on her social channels below to stay up to date on the latest conventions and projects she is working on.

Twitter: @Michaelamostly
Instagram: @Michaelamostly

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