Falling Skies Trivia Contest

We have an exciting new contest for you to win great falling skies swag. A trivia contest.

There will be 3 separate trivia quizzes: Easy, Hard and Diehard. The harder the questions, the bigger the prize. You will visit our forums and send a PM to us with your answers. Getting all the answers correct earns you an entry into the contest. Additional entries can be earned with tweets. Here are some rules and prize information:

How to Enter:
Visit Our Contest Page and submit a PM to me with your answers to the trivia questions (or email them to robert AT threeifbyspace DOT net). Getting all the questions correct earns you an entry into the contest pool. You must register to send a PM, if you havnt registered, Click Here To Sign Up.

Extra Entries:
You may also gain additional entries into the contest by sending out tweets about the contest.

You will gain 1 additional entry for tweeting.

You will also gain 1 entry for each 10 RTs you get on your tweets.

Once you send a tweet, you must post a link to your tweet in the contest thread on the forums. (You may only gain additional entries after you have correctly answered all the questions for a given quiz).

Winner: A winner will be chosen at random using all the eligible entries earned from answering the questions correctly.

General Rules:
Don’t post your answers: Please do not post your guesses, send them via PM to me.

If you fail to get all the questions correct we will tell you how many you got wrong but will not tell you which ones you got wrong. You may re-submit the questions to us as many times as you would like until you get them all correct.

Contest is open to US residents only. Contest starts Aug 28th and ends Sept 18th (EASY), Sept 25h (HARD/DIEHARD)

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