5-20-14 moby

Outlander: One Week to MOBY! (Pre-MOBY Spoilers Ahead, You’ve Been Warned)

(SPOILER ALERT – and how I hate that phrase – If you haven’t finished all the books up until this point, please go read a tv show review. Or find an interesting film. Or get back to Echo. Just don’t read this and then blame me.)

The long wait is almost over… longer than an elephant’s pregnancy, longer than the headache caused by a Justin Bieber album, but not as long as the wait for the next George R.R. Martin book… one week from today – you’ll be able to read Written in My Own Heart’s Blood. (I will have already read most if not all of it, since I get it on Saturday. I refuse to apologize. But as of today, I have not read it, so I am in the same state as the rest of you.)

With any luck, we will have the BIG QUESTIONS answered. Like:

Will Roger ever get a REAL job?

Will Jamie clock Lord John? I mean, he’s not above physical violence – he says more than once that he knows he’s a violent man. And what’s he going to say to Claire? “Gee, Honey, if I knew you’d marry my friend, and sleep with him – and how’d you manage that, anyway? – I would have phoned when I knew I’d be late.”

Can William add Broch Tuarach to his impressive list of titles?


Should Rachel, in a show of solidarity, get some wicked tats?

How did Roger get to exactly where his father is, anyway?

Will Jamie offer tips on dental hygiene to George Washington? You know they have to meet up some time.


What was the point in locking Jem in the tunnel? And does he grow up to be Magyver?

With the impressive list of adventures, near-misses and tragedies that been inflicted upon Jamie and Claire, can we have any hope that Jenny will live a quiet life now that she has come to America?

Here, from Random House Canada, is Diana talking about some of the things we can expect, when the multiple Echo in the Bone cliffhangers pick up:

Outlander Fan Retreat This Weekend

In all seriousness, though, I’m so excited for the Outlander Fan Retreat this weekend in Seattle! I’ll be meeting in person some wonderful women that I have corresponded with for the last couple of months (can’t wait, Laura and Koko!) I’ll be attending a dinner with 120 other fans on Friday night, and participating in a raffle of all kinds of Outlander-themed items, with the proceeds going to the charity that Diana supports, Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos. I’ll pick up my copy of MOBY, and ask Diana – in a stuttering, tongue-tripping fashion, I’m sure – to personalize it for me. There are all kinds of other activities planned for the weekend. I’ll be reporting on it all here, posting (with my last waking thought) pictures and reports of the activities. I hope you’ll watch for notices of new posts, and come along (well, not really, unless you can fit in my suitcase, and wouldn’t that be a shock!) on my big Seattle adventure!


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