‘Blackbird’ Starring Connor Jessup Gets US Release Date

By: Robert Prentice
blackbird connor jessup

Following its success at TIFF, Blackbird has a US release date on DVD and Video on Demand. We had a chance to review this film several months back and it is a must see project that is finally going to get released to the US audiences.

Blackbird is one of a small breed of transcending indie projects that anyone who watches cannot help but enjoy and leave emotionally drained in some fashion.

Read our full review here.

Official Press Release:

Breaking Glass Pictures Acquires Canadian Drama/Thriller Blackbird

“An affecting story of enduring institutionalized prejudice.” – The Hollywood Reporter

Breaking Glass Pictures has acquired the drama/thriller Blackbird. The film will be released on DVD/VOD October 7, 2014. Written and directed by Jason Buxton, Blackbird explores the influence and danger of cyber-bullying, while showing the worst prisons are often the ones we create for ourselves. Blackbird stars Canadian actors Connor Jessup (Steven Spielberg’s “Falling Skies”) and Alexia Fast (Jack Reacher).

An unlikely friendship forms between Sean Randall (Jessup) and popular teen Deanna Roy (Fast). After writing a death threat online, Sean is falsely accused of plotting a Columbine-like massacre. The police raid his home and find rifles, shotguns, and a ‘hit list’ with twenty names of students who bullied Sean. As the media and authorities claim another Columbine has been averted, Sean faces imprisonment in a youth dentation facility. Sean must overcome his dark image and prove his innocence to Deanna and his shaken community.

“We’re exceptionally pleased to have Breaking Glass releasing BLACKBIRD in the United States. They’ve demonstrated steadfast faith in the film, and we have faith in them” says producer Marc Almon.

Blackbird won Best Canadian First Feature at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival and Best Director, Best Writer, and Best Atlantic Film at the 2012 Atlantic Film Festival. The film also won the Cannes Junior Award for Best Film in 2013.

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