What Doesn’t Kill You Short Film Goes to TIFF 2014

TIFF is always a great source for new and up-in-coming talent behind and in front of the camera. Coming to TIFF this September is a new Sci-Fi Thriller short starring Connor Jessup (Falling Skies) and Alex Harrouch (Degrassi: The Next Generation). I am always amazed by the work that comes out at TIFF. Today a teaser was released for this short embedded above. The story has an interesting concept and has to deliver it in 12 minutes. Let us know what you think about this short and checkout all the upcoming shorts this fall by visiting TIFF.net.

Official Synopsis

Three bullied high school seniors, Marshall, Leonard, and Dermot, are chased from winter formal and end up in a horrific car accident. In the aftermath, Marshall and Leonard discover they have the ability to ‘reappear’ completely healed after they die, while Dermot survives the accident but is paralyzed. Marshall tries to convince Leonard that they should kill Dermot so he will reappear healed before the police show up, rather than leave him paralyzed…

The Team Behind “What Doesn’t Kill You” (Source: CFCCreates)

Starring Connor Jessup, Alex Harrouch, Aidan Greene, Steve Love, Luisa D’Oliveira, Jez Bonham.

ROB GRANT, director

Rob Grant is a 2013 alumnus of the Canadian Film Centre’s (CFC) Directors’ Lab.  He has directed three award-winning feature films, Yesterday, Mon Ami, andDesolate. He is currently developing the feature version of WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU.

STU MARKS, writer

Stu Marks is a Toronto-based screenwriter and a 2013 alumnus of the Canadian Film Centre’s (CFC) Writers’ Lab.  He is currently developing a number of projects for film and television, including To Be Continued… with director Rob Grant.

PETER HARVEY, producer

Peter Harvey is a Toronto-based director and producer, and an alumnus of Capilano University’s Motion Picture Production Program. His films have played in over 100 film festivals around the world.

LUKE BLACK, producer

Luke Black is a Toronto-based producer originally from Western Canada, who has produced and directed fifteen short films. He is focused on creating compelling, market-driven content for the feature film, television, and digital media landscape. He is pretty okay.

VICTOR C.H. FAN, editor

Victor C.H. Fan is a Hong-Kong born, Toronto-based Film and TV editor, and a 2013 alumnus of the Canadian Film Centre’s (CFC) Editors’ Lab. Victor’s editor credits span video installations, music videos, shorts, documentaries, and feature films.


Composers Joseph Murray & Lodewijk Vos are an award-winning producer duo, Menalon, that has scored, produced, remixed, installed and performed on a wide variety of projects. Commercially, some of the companies they have worked with include Google, HBO, Pepsi, MTV, Coca-Cola, Adidas, and Roots. Menalon scored award-winning films that have screened internationally, including No Contract and Portrait as a Random Act of Violence. The pair has worked on interactive episodes for “Endgame” and “Rookie Blue”. Menalon has also collaborated with Canadian artists Shad, Cancer Bats, Little Scream and Stretch Orchestra.


Matthew O’Halloran is a Canadian musician currently living in Toronto. His musical career is split between studio albums, collaborations, writing, and performing with various musical groups. In 2010 Matthew co-founded his most recent project, indie-rock group The Corner. The band released their debut album in spring 2014.

PRINCIPAL CAST: Connor Jessup, Alex Harrouch, Aidan Green






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