Dominion: Our #RenewDominion Poetry Contest Winners!

Dominion fans are passionate about their show, and that came through with the entries sent in for my #RenewDominion poetry contest! With the help of threeifbyspace writer and Dominion fan Diane Selburg, we finally narrowed it down to two Winners and two Honorable Mentions. Here are those four poems. Next week, before the season finale, I’ll publish all the other fantastic poems. I wish I could give everyone a prize! I hope those of you who entered had fun writing, and those reading these poems enjoy them!

Winner #1: Ali Johnson

Ode to Dominions2 michael

A dystopian future? Sure, it’s been done
But you’ve never seen a dystopia quite like this one

Where angels have waged a war on mankind
And the survivors have built a new life behind
The fortified walls a once-great city
While outside the angels kill without pity

Where black eyes and veins are the tell-tale sign
Of possession by an angel malign
And higher angels are dangerous things
Looking human until they unfurl their wings

Where archangel siblings -sisters and brothers
Take sides in the war and turn on each other
Each hoping their Father’s last message to learn
And thereby to bring about his return

Where amongst the last humans divisions are rife
Plotting and politics, trouble and strife
And secret agendas, betrayals and doubt
Pose as great a threat as the danger without

And against this grand background, our stories are set
Of faith and betrayal, of hope and regret
Of loss and redemption, of fear and of vice
Of love and family and of sacrifice

Each character has their own story to share
Their choices to make, their burdens to bear
And each are connected, affecting each other
Fathers and daughters, sisters and brothers

From Gabriel blaming mankind for his pain
To Michael finding his faith once again
To Alex, the Chosen One, burdened by fate
To Noma, whose sacrifice was so great

There’s Arika, master of the double-cross
David fighting to regain all that he’s lost
Claire finding herself with hard choices to make
Laurel willing to die for her people’s sake

There’s Edward sacrificing humanity for love
William preaching of blinding light from above
Julian’s quest for revenge and a salient warning
The mysterious Prophet and the Son of the Morning

There’s eight-balls and evictions and mystical tattoos
There’s wing porn and sword-fights and angels in the nude
There’s action and intrigue and startling reveals
There’s heartbreak and sorrow and twin archangel feels

There’s love and there’s loss and there’s hope and despair
There’s biblical flashbacks with long flowing hair
There’s music and lighting and scripts without par
There’s archangel orgies – two so far!

There’s so much more that we still want to see
So please SyFy channel, give us Season 3!

Winner #2: Les Slusarczyk

Dominion Devotion

4It’s Thursday night on Syfy,
and that could only mean the best.
It’s time to watch Dominion
(to hell with all the rest).

We gather with a group of friends,
or sometimes just our pets.
Drinks on hand and phones turned off
we’ve already placed our bets.

Will Michael and Gabriel
reconcile at last?
Will Alex end up with Noma?
What happened in Wheele’s past?

Is Mallory in danger?
Will it play a bigger part?
What the heck is Claire to do
now that Vega is torn apart?

Who is the prophetic mystery man
that hears Lucifer in his head?
Where are the other amphorae?
Is Uriel truly dead?

We have yet to hear from Raphael
and Julian got away.
So many answers yet unknown
and we’re always blown away.

The hour passes by too fast
And we must endure another week.
Of work or school and the tedium
That’s by comparison so bleak.

Our saving grace is Facebook,
Twitter and Periscope.
Conversing with the other fans
just to try and cope.

But still we wait in limbo,
and its utter AGONY.
Praying we get to find out more
So give us a Season 3!

And our two runners-up
Honorable Mention #1: Natalie Hill

In a godless world the humans survive, in Vega the tides are changing.
All hell is breaking loose and 8 balls are ascending.
We were left with the house of Riesen battling against the house of Whele, an epic battle we will see‎.
But once the dust has settled which family will it be.

Meanwhile, Alex, Michael with Noma too continue to fight the good fight, to keep the approaching apocalypse from raging.
All whilst Michael is also trying to save Alex from Lucifer’s scheming.
But, still we must ask and go back to our agent of sass. The angel Gabriel we do miss.
Sitting on his throne in his new home and with his new‎ 8 ball army,will the angel fall into darkness or will he assist.
Or will he become even more barmy.

We’ll miss those who are now gone, and can’t wait to meet those yet to come.
The likes of Gates and Julian will always leave us undone.
But still there are questions we have asked, but we know will be left unanswered.
Cause we know a bloody good cliffhanger we will now get, leaving a definite reason (no excuse) for next season to be bartered.

‎Season 3 there must be, without this scheduled we would not see
If Alex becomes what he was intended to be‎, or
If Gabriel and Michael reconcile.
So let’s be clear and please make sure, that we let Syfy know why we want more.

Save Dominion 🙂


And Honorable Mention #2: Kathy Porter

Beyond Dominion

Angels’ wings in flight sing,
The “Chosen One” peace to all shall bring.
Yet death, destruction, hopelessness-
Is this salvation or damnation?
Swords clash, darkness reigns,
The “Morning Star” rises.
Eight-balls and Dyads in human guises.
Loved ones are lost,
Hearts aside are tossed.
Yet in the “Marked One” we see Light,
And are spurred on to fight….
We must look to the future in hope and prayer
That whether Mans’ or Angels’-
Dominion will still be there.

Watch for my review of tonight’s episode!

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