Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan Season 3 – Date Confirmed

By: Robert Prentice
Attack On Titan Funimation

With the finale of season 2 less than 10 minutes away from airing here in the US, fans will be excited to hear that season 3 has a confirmed date. At the end of the finale episode the date for the new season was confirmed as 2018, proving our theory of an announcement right after season 2 ended. Nothing more specific has been given yet, but we assume it would air in the Winter/Spring line up of 2018. Fans of the series were upset when it was first announced that season 2 was only 12 episodes after the first season was more than double that. The state of animation studios and their overworked animators is not good. The result has been smaller season of our favorite anime.

After all the delays and rumors for season 2, fans are likely to be gun shy about the 2018 date listed. I wouldn’t blame them. Its promising to see we have a date already. However, the proof will be when we get to the Fall or Winter and we start seeing previews for the new season. The manga itself is plenty far ahead of the anime so having source material to work with is not an issue. Checkout the announcement for season 3 below and don’t miss the finale of season 2 on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

After a 4 year wait, season 2 has quickly come and gone and we must now wait another year before we find out what happens after that cliffhanger. What did you think of the new season? Did it drag out too much or did you enjoy the build up? Attack On Titan is a great anime but there are lots of better ones out there for us to bid our time on while we wait.

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