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Outlander – New Poetry Contest! Sharpen Up Your Limerick Skills!

It seems like just about every year, I have a birthday. I’m not quite sure how to stop this, but to make myself feel better about it, I’ve run a poetry contest the last couple of years. So I figured, it’s that time again, let’s go for it!

But we’ve got a twist this time. In previous years, I’ve given you themes to write about, and I’ve gotten some absolutely terrific entries. But time is short this year, since I’m leaving for San Diego ComicCon soon, I have a son to get back onto a cruise ship, and life is generally hectic. SO, here’s the deal – 10 lines or less!!! That’s right. Limericks, haiku, short form – that’s what I’m looking for this year. The poems must be Outlander-related, but no specific theme, only brevity.

I’ll be grading on a point system. The points may be given unevenly. Some factors may have more weight than others. I’m not going to give you all of the things I’ll grade on – I will tell you that anything over 10 lines will be given negative points. Humor may be given an extra point. Anything that makes me spit out my Diet Coke might just win on the spot.

And I may award one, or more than one prize. Geez, you’d think I haven’t thought this all through. The prizes aren’t big – but you will be acknowledged as the (a?) winner, and I’ll publish all entries in a future post. I’d like to say we’ll have some celebrity judges, but nobody’s responded yet. If you know a celebrity who would like to judge, send them my way.

To enter: EMAIL your poem (max of 2 per person, please) to econrad@threeifbyspace.net by midnight on Sunday, June 25. Please include your name (which is not always obvious from your email address) and your Twitter handle, if you have one. That’s it!

I once ran a contest of verse
Entries went from sublime to worse
All Jamie and Claire,
Adoring the pair,
First place made me weep, yell and curse.

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