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Westworld Season 3: Incite Anthem

In true Westworld style, the latest teaser for Season 3 has left fans excited and maybe just a bit confused about the upcoming season.  In this new teaser, you won’t see any of the faces you’ve come to know and love from Westworld. At first, you may not even realize that it’s a teaser trailer and not just a strange new Silicon Valley start-up advertisement. The teaser is titled “Incite Anthem” and it introduces us to a new corporation in the ever-growing Westworld universe: Incite Inc.  In the commercial clip, we meet one of Incite’s co-founders: Liam Dempsey Sr.  Liam is at Incite HQ, trying to hype up the benefits of trying out his company’s services. But what exactly Incite does and how they will tie in with the future of Westworld is yet to be discovered.

“The world is complex, complicated, messy but life doesn’t have to be. The future is powered by you and we know you. Incite is different.  – Liam Dempsey Sr.

Wherever Westworld plans to take us for Season 3; fans can be certain that the show will continue with complex themes that make you really think each and every week. A new website launched with this teaser, much like how a Delos Corporation website debuted with one of the Season 2 trailers. Make sure you check out the official Incite website, where you can request a demo and receive updates from them. Just ignore the red-flags about data collection and sharing, “Here at Incite, your data doesn’t work for us — we work for you.” Just like Delos is ethically a top notch company, I’m sure you have nothing to worry about when it comes to Incite.

Westworld Season 3 returns to HBO in 2020

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