My Hero Academia Season 5 Goes Plus Ultra Spring 2021

By: Robert Prentice
Funimation My Hero Academia

Alright, heroes, its time to get yourself caught up on the anime and prepare yourself for an all-new season of My Hero Academia. The new season is set to air in Japan in Spring 2021. The official twitter account for the show dropped our first look at the new season coming out of Hero Fes 2020.

We last left off with Deku in a dream where he was standing with the previous bearers of One for All. Not all of them were revealed. As they all watch a fight between All For One and his brother, he reaches our to Deku but he wakes up before we get any real answers. Hopefully, we will learn more in the new season.

In this first look of the new season, we see Class-1B and Class-1A are going to go head to head in a competition. We will finally get to explore a bit more of Class-1B, some of which we have not seen much of since the forest training and the school festival. We also get to see some updated hero customs, the most noticeable of the group is Bakugos. I am personally excited to jump back into the story and will be rewatching the first 4 seasons ahead of the spring release for season 5.

And the new poster for season 5 is a very eclectic looking color scheme featuring some of our favorite characters from both classes in their updated hero outfits.

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