WandaVision | Go or No Go Review

Friday came and went as every day over the last year seems to have. It was not until I arrived at work and was berated with questions about WandaVision did I remember something magnificent happened.

Phase Four

…is finally here! WandaVision was the official kick off of the Marvel Universe’s fourth phase and their first installment of Disney+ exclusive shows. The list of shows we have to look forward to is extensive, but this was a great kickoff. Now, I’m going to be honest here, WandaVision was the one I was least excited about on this lineup. I was never a major fan of Scarlet Witch and I felt that her character was never utilized very well. I also never understood the relationship between her and Vision. It felt forced and there was very little chemistry felt between the two of them.

Well, I take it all back. The first two episodes of WandaVision released on Friday and with it came a swift reminder of why I love Marvel. They are such masterful storytellers and craft this entire universe to their will perfectly. WandaVision is an intricate dance between television sitcoms and mind-twisting mystery. Both episodes thus far have left me craving more and I feel as though Marvel knocks short-form out of the park. As characters, Wanda and Vision have melded perfectly into this format. It is a roller coaster ride from start to finish.



One of the many things this show is good at is leaving you with questions. I have so many questions about what is happening and I know everyone feels the same way. There have been hints and nudges towards the truth of what is really going on and I think they are setting the scenes in a magnificent way. You become distracted with the simplicity of the sitcom style, worrying over how Wanda and Vision are going to make it through another episode without being found out. Then you realize something. Why can’t they be found out? Where are they? How did they end up in this suburban lifestyle going to work and HOA meetings?

The surrealism and oddities show up in very interesting ways too. Certain things they do and say can change the style of the episode from that 50’s sitcom to current day Marvel style. It’s a strange and incredible way of storytelling and I am here for it. There are a lot of Easter Eggs and nods to what exactly is happening behind the scenes. I am not going to go into spoilers in this review. Another thing I love is the commercials they put in the middle of the episode. It is just so clever.

Go or No Go?

Absolutely a GO! If you love Marvel, watch this show. If you felt superhero fatigue before 2020 happened, watch this show. Coming from someone who was finally hitting my limit in the superhero movie category this is like a major breath of fresh air.  I highly recommend this show to get yourself reinvigorated on Marvel as a whole and to prepare yourself for Phase Four, because it is full steam ahead!

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