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By | Posted on 26 April 2012

If you are reading this then you are one of our many great fans who enjoy visiting our site and catching up on your favorite show or checking out some behind the scenes photos and videos we got. We love these shows too and love sharing it with you. But what you probably didnt know is we arnt a site that makes money. In fact, all of our staff are volunteers with a passion for writing and talking about their favorite shows and genres from TV, Movies, Comics and much more. While we have sought some advertisers for our site to help pay the costs we incur keeping our site up and running, we have hit a roadblock and hope that our fans can help us out. Here is a little more about us.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a genre that spans decades and all age groups. It’s a media for all of us to explore our deepest imagination and our darkest fears. Science Fiction has come to us in so many forms: comics, books, tv series, movies and video games. With the simple flip of a page, or turn of the channel we are instantly transported from our home to a new world full of life and amazing ideas. Those behind these marvels of modern science fiction have used the latest technology to help bring things to life that we could only dream of in the past. There is no limit to what Science Fiction can give us and as one channel dedicated to the subject have quoted in the past Imagine Greater (Syfy).

Three If By Space

Our site was founded on the TNT show Falling Skies. One of the best new dramas in 2011, Falling Skies brought in a record number of viewers on TNT and we started this site to discuss plot lines, episodes and enjoy talking Alien. To make things even better the show is Executive Produced by Steven Spielberg, the science fiction visionary of our time. You might ask then, how did we come up with the name? Well Falling Skies is based on Boston and the lead character Tom Mason is a history professor, so of course he talks about the revolutionary war a lot. In the comic book prequel done by Dark Horse Comics, a poster is seen being put up by the 2nd mass that says “One if by land, Two if by sea, Three if by Space”. This was a homage to the lanterns lite to signal the British were coming and this stuck in our mind as a great way to dedicate our site to the show that started it all for us.

We are run by and for the fans of scifi. We write about shows geeks like and we ourselves love.


As a non-profit site we run solely out of my own pocket and with the donated time of others. We thank everyone who helps by writing, doing graphics and transcribing interviews. We also understand that some people cannot donate their time but want to help by donating some funds to help fuel future growth. We started a kickstarter project in an effort to raise funds to continue running our site and to offer fans visiting Comic Con or Dragon Con this year cool prizes for helping talk about our site and sharing our work.

Our goal is to raise $750 to cover operating costs over the next few months and raise as much as we can. These funds cover expenses like hosting fees, artist fees, giveaways and promotional items and travel expenses for convention trips. Remember, all our writers donate their time and I would love to be able to show them appreciation for all their hard work. As little as $1 will help and the more help you can give, the better. And for those who do help out a lot, we have cool prizes to offer you. Please spread the word and help us. With kickstarter if we dont reach our goal, we get zero funds.

Founder and managing editor for Three If By Space. A Sci-Fi Geek who loves shows like Dr. Who, BSG, Caprica, Falling Skies, Terra Nova and much more. Loves to write about anything science fiction or fantasy. His sole mission is to help increase the awareness of online media and their influence on the media world and to expose its importance to an ever changing industry.

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