‘Falling Skies’ Moon Bloodgood talks with IAR about Season 3

By | Posted on 20 October 2012

Much is still unknown about season 3 of the hit TNT series Falling Skies. Recently actress Moon Bloodgood sat down with IAR and discussed a few details about season 3 and where her character Anne is going. At the end of season 2 it was revealed Anne was with child. This reveal upset many fans of the show, saying its been done before and was cliché. However, as the writers of Falling Skies have shown us before, not everything is as it seems.

In fact, in real life Moon is pregnant which means she wont be able to appear in the entire season. Moon reveals she will be in at least 7 episodes and that she has finished all of her shooting for the season. The production is still going through December, which she is expected to have the child. Most of her later scenes were shot in advance. Needless to say this leaves many to wonder just what will become of Anne by her last episode and she says she will return but not in season 3.

The news that she would return in a possible season 4 is a good sign of the thought process within the falling skies camp that the series will continue to more seasons. Season 1 of falling skies opened up to basic cables largest viewing audience for a sunday night summer show on basic cable. Season 2 also held strong numbers in the US and internationally in over 100 countries.

Actor Doug Jones will be playing the new alien revealed at the end of season 2 which has excited many fans. Jones is well-known for his prosthetic work on screen and it was recently revealed he will be wearing a prosthetic suit for the new alien and not use motion capture like the overlords. That means more screen time and more realistic interactions with cast members. There will be some “hairy situations” with Anne and her baby which has many wondering what this baby will be and how it will play into Ben and Hal.

Moon also reveals an interesting secret about a new character in season 3 that will be a game changer but doesnt reveal who. Season 3 already brings in Robert Sean Leonard (House), Gloria Ruben (E.R.) and Scott Collins (Seventh Heaven) and Doug Jones (Hell Boy).

There is something to be said for building your audience slowly and not having the pressure of being an instant hit like Heroes, for instance. Is that true in the case of Falling Skies and do you think that has added to the show’s success?

Bloodgood: Well if you’re on a show that big you become suddenly like, “Where do we go from here?” We’re slow and steady. The science fiction community likes FallingSkies. They might not love it like The Walking Dead, but that’s because we don’t have those kinds of bells and whistles. I do think that they know it’s good. They know it’s not bad science fiction and that it’s great writing. You’ve got all the people on it that know what they’re doing like (Steven)Spielberg and (executive producer) Greg Beeman. There is a character on the third season that is going to make or break it for us. Either you guys are going to love it or it’s not going to work. I think it’s going to work and I think it’s going to take our show to the next level.

Ben was previously a slave to the aliens and harnessed. Since having the harness removed Ben has gone through a massive transformation physically and mentally as the overlords want him dead, and a group of rebel skitters use him to help fight back. Ben has just gotten himself back on his feet, in a state of trust with the 2nd mass and Charleston when the new aliens arrive. What will this mean for Ben and will the new aliens be an alley or an enemy? Hal was implanted with the ‘eye bug’ that Tom had. It is still unknown what their purpose is but its safe to say Hal may not be Hal anymore.

Be sure to visit IAR to read her entire interview. Falling Skies returns to TNT summer 2013.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.drummey Matthew Drummey

    I have to say I am not necessarily a fan of the whole pregnancy thing though it does open up some interesting possibilities (I’m thinking Elizabeth from the original V in particular.) But it’s going to be very very strange to NOT have Anne in the last 3 episodes: she’s always been there so they have to be careful how they handle that or it could all implode but I have faith they’ll handle it okay.

    What did you mean by “how it will play into Ben and Hal.”?

    As for the production going through until december i thought they went through Jan/Feb – Weren’t they still shooting in Jan/Feb this year?

    • http://twitter.com/ThreeIfBySpace Three If By Space

      We all know that something wont be right with this baby (or at least assume) and given its a member of the Mason family and both Ben and Hal have been altered and/or controlled by the aliens, i think one may be used (again) to gain access to this child. Just a theory.

      • http://www.facebook.com/matthew.drummey Matthew Drummey

        Oh okay well that makes sense. Should be interesting either way.

  • OverItAll

    Yawn. What started as a great show has run it’s course and become a soap opera pandering to the teens. Too bad. Find Anne a coathanger or hang it up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bobby.wilson.1293 Bobby Wilson

    Have to agree with everyone who says “Borrrriiiing”. So who cares if the baby is “altered”? It’s been done 5 million times before on 5 million shows. They really ruined a great show by dusting off that old, predictable plot bunny. LOL @34e547a264c5f7d4022fb824a70eb3eb:disqus I vote for the coathanger, too!

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