Doctor Who News – Amy and Rorys Last Season

By: Robert Prentice
Amy pond Dr who dr who review Tardis

It shouldnt come as a surprise that doctor who is changing things up with season 7. The series is based on change, changing of companions and changing of the doctor. Now coming into our 7th season, which marks the 3rd season for Amy and Rory, I thinks its time for the change. Its been hard adjusting to the new doctor (Matt Smith) and honestly up until the last season finale, I wasnt fulled convinced of him being a serious enough doctor but I am happy to say now I am.

But despite that, i am not a fan of Amy and Rory as companions. Amy was never in any real danger and her tie ins with the doctors story were weak at best. The real star of last season was River Song. Her character first introduced back in the episode “Silence at the library” was the start of a character that is one of the most interesting, funny and dangerous characters for the doctor to be friends with. The writers did an excellent job weaving her story into the history of the doctor and leading it up to what we know now about River. Amy and Rory being the parents seemed like it was thought up after the fact as a “cool” way to link the companion to River but just didnt seem to fit very well.

Overall, I think its best that they move on and that we get a new companion for the doctor. What do you think? What kind of companion would you like to see? Do you feel its time for a guy versus a girl?

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