Exclusive New Video: Falling Skies Season 2 A Look Ahead

Falling Skies season 2 is just around the corner. The 2nd mass is on the move and there are still questions about Toms fate and Bens condition. Ready For more? Watch this all new Season 2 look ahead for falling skies.

To go along with this new video, TNT has released a new and redesigned website featuring a new look at some old friends. Be sure to visit the redesigned site and if you havn’t read it yet, read the webcomic where in the first chapter you will find our homage to the show and our name sake “Three If By Space”. Don’t forget to vote on the home page for what you think will happen to Tom.

If you missed any of our coverage of our Falling Skies Set visit in Vancouver or if you missed our exclusive look of a fan who won a walk on role, Check it out now. Dont miss out, see all our coverage, exclusive videos and photos.

Robert Prentice