Falling Skies: Battle of Fitchburg #2 Review Plus New Season 2 Video

**Warning Spoilers for Issue #2 ahead**

The second issue of the Falling Skies: Battle of Fitchburg has come out today. We start out with a sick uncle Scott and a worried Dr. Glass who is expecting more injured to come. Pope is giving Weaver a hard time over a raid on a weapons cache that they need badly but Weaver doesn’t want to risk the people knowing the large army of skitters near by. Pope just wants to take a few like minded people (his new Berserkers?) with, but Weaver refuses to let him. Pope doesn’t seem to care or ask for ‘permission’ to do so.

Once back with the 2nd mass, Ben is grilled by another member about why he couldn’t shoot the skitter that almost killed Dai. Ben expresses that he has never killed before and starts quoting his father. Ben then says how he hates the aliens for what they did. For the death of his mother, for taking his father, for what they did and are doing to him. This is the first time we see a truly angry and upset Ben who hatred for the aliens may cause issues for everyone around him down the road.

During a mission that Hal and a small group of fighters were sent out on, they are ambushed by a large number of skitters and are cornered in a nearby building. Many lives are lost and we are left with them cornered in a store. We finish of this weeks issue with Dr. Glass worried over uncle Scott who is very sick.

I loved this weeks issue for 2 very important reasons: Pope and Ben. Pope while not the guy you want leading your war efforts, still gets things done because he doesn’t have any regret or care in the world going head on with the aliens. His new group of Berserkers may just be what the 2nd mass needs to win this battle. What we see with Ben is what you would expect to see in someone who was taken against his will and changed. Not just physically but mentally and then his father is taken because of the aliens desire to get back Ben and learn more about Tom, and this anger will define Bens motivations throughout season 2.

Checkout the new comic pages at Dark Horse Comics and Falling Skies Website.

Speaking of season 2. Checkout this new look at season 2 where we get to see more of Ben and Tom and more of the great FX that will be coming from season 2.

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