Drew Roy Teases Season 3 ‘Falling Skies’


Falling Skies Season 3 is set to air this summer (no official date yet) and we have very little information to go on. Recently at the VES awards show, actor Drew Roy shared with Collider  some insights into the new season. Season 2 left us with a cliffhanger which included the introduction of a new alien race. The motives of this new alien are unknown but the new creature will be played by the talented Doug Jones.

As mentioned previous articles, Doug will be in a full body suit, much like the skitters. This means unlike the overlords, we will get much closer interaction with the new alien and much better looking visuals overall. An interesting note that Roy makes is that at first the face was cut out but that they later decided to keep the face on and enhance it later. Drew commented about how interesting the new alien eyes would be, and once improved at the VFX studio, would be the best effects yet.

Drew commented a bit about his character Hal and what we can expect from him in season 3. He says you will notice that things are ‘off’ with Hal from the very start of the season and that everyone around him is unaware of the ‘bug’ inside him. By the 5th and 6th episodes, the consequences of that final mission in season 2 come to a head. Drew did give out one short statement to sum up his thoughts on the new season, “we are somewhat comfortable until it goes downhill”.

Drew’s interview leaves us with more questions than answers including:

  • Who will notice Hal is not himself first?
  • What will the new aliens role be and can they be trusted?
  • What will happen to Annes baby?
  • Will Ben and the other formerly harnessed continue to change?
  • How big a fight is coming as things go ‘downhill’?

No matter what the new season is locked up tight with nobody spilling the beans.

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