Disney’s Cinderella Waltzes into Theatres Friday

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“Wake up. No one will outshine my daughters.” Evil stepmother bragging? Or is it possible that this Disney stepchild – the live-action version of the studio’s iconic animated film – will outshine the original?


Coming to theatres this Friday, the film stars Lily James as the put-upon orphan beauty Ella, and Richard Madden as her Prince. Cate Blanchett shows her deliciously bad-girl side as the Stepmother; Helena Bonham Carter leaps out of character to become the Fairy Godmother; and Holliday Grainger and Sophia McShera fill out the cast, as the vapid, simpering stepsisters Drusilla and Anastasia (or is it the other way around?).


How does this film fit into threeifbyspace, you may ask? First, we do review Once Upon A Time, which is based on fairy tales; and I wanted to review it. It’s fantasy, right? Just because it’s beautiful and rated PG doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for our site.


The original Cinderella, released in 1950, was always my favorite Disney animated film. The bluebirds and mice making a dress that is then torn apart. The pumpkin turning into a beautiful glass coach. Will the handsome prince find the lovely, shy Cinderella? And how can she walk on feet that tiny? I’m quite excited to see this new film – the trailers look incredible. Look for my review! Directed by Kenneth Branagh, with amazing costumes by Sandy Powell.

Erin Conrad