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Exclusive: Colin Cunningham Talks about Falling Skies and Other Projects

I had a great time at San Diego ComicCon, meeting the cast of Dark Matter, checking out vendors on the exhibit floor… but nothing, and I mean NOTHING, compared to meeting and talking, one on one, with one of my all-time favorite people, actor/director/writer/producer/musician Colin Cunningham, John Pope from Falling Skies.

920It took us a while to put the time together – texting, calling, changing locations – and I walked nearly two miles on the Saturday morning of ComicCon to meet Colin at a Starbucks, then move to the lobby of his hotel. But it was all worth it – he was funny, pleasant, happy to talk! We chatted about the final season of Falling Skies and what happens to Pope; the work he’s been doing to get his short film, Centigrade, turned into a feature-length film; past projects; and the state of TV development in Canada.

That knit cap he’s wearing? He told me before we started filming that he had shaved his head for an audition, on his girlfriend’s advice. But he was concerned that it would have the potential to keep him from auditioning from other parts – he couldn’t really pass for a suburban dad at this point, you think? We did agree, though, that hair grows back. And right now on Falling Skies, of course, Pope has shaved his famous head of shoulder-length locks, so it didn’t seem out of character.

I apologize for the abrupt ending to the video – no, I didn’t see him on the exhibit floor at ComicCon, and hopefully he was able to get around without too many interruptions. But this was the highlight of my Con – and I hope you enjoy our chat!

Here’s the trailer for Astral Haven, a project he mentions (and this was the reason we started talking in the first place:

And links to some of the projects mentioned, if you haven’t already seen them:

Centigrade trailer

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