Outlander: More Beautiful Outlanderpreneur Items!

Welcome to Part 3 of my Outlanderpreneur series! These articles focus on fan-created items that you may want to add to your Christmas list – either to give to your Outlander friends, or to request for yourself. Today’s beautiful items include car decals to show off your Obsessanach tendencies, and elegant jewelry so you can have a piece of Outlander magic with you all day.

Jessie Barbara, CherryPicked Signs

I have to say that this business exists because an amazingly talented lady wrote a book for practice. Of course it’s a bit more complicated than that. I started reading the Outlander books when I was pregnant with my daughter back in 1992. I was recuperating from a serious injury/illness and was unable to work.

I had picked up my writing again, but it was not going to pay the bills anytime soon, and in the process was racking my brain for something Outlander related that I could do in my condition to earn an income. I’d been a sales rep for a sign company for many years and one day I thought to myself, “What if I combine my love of Outlander with my creativity and ability to design and make signs?” I had already been doing some bigger sign projects under my company name of CherryPickedSigns so I went on the etsy.com site and my etsy business was born.

Tell the world how much you love Outlander with an Outlander Inspired Decal, from the basic “Sassenach” and “Outlander” to “Love Me Some Murtagh” and “Take Me Home To Lallybroch,” and of course my most favorite “The Highlanders” and “Clan Fraser.” Some of the current choices have been born out of requests from customers and friends, like “Thank Ye…Truly” and “Men In Kilts Are Hot!” I put my love of Outlander into every Outlander item I make!! I am still amazed at what I call the Outlander Phenomena. Diana Gabaldon wrote a book, which turned into an epic series, and we all dreamed that one day it would come to life as a movie or something. Over 20 years later it did and many of us are reaping the rewards of our beloved book series.

View and purchase Jessie’s decals on Etsy or Facebook.

Katie Friend, KLF Studios

I read the first book about 5 years ago. I read a lot and recognized good writing when I saw it. I fell so in love with the first book that I bought all the books and read them back to back. It took me a couple of weeks (I read fast). I think there were only 6 or 7 books out then. I have read all of them that are out now. I love romance novels. I know there is a lot of debate about if Outlander is a romance or not. To me it is. I am inspired by the love between Jamie and Claire.

I had an online jewelry store about 20 years ago and closed it down to homeschool my twins. When they started college a couple of years ago I decided to reopen my store. I have always created art in one form or another. I paint, knit, make soap, etc……. But I have a great fondness for jewelry. I never intended to start making Outlander jewelry. I first made a couple of pieces for myself, then I thought maybe other Outlander fans would like it. I put a couple of pieces on my store and everyone loved it. I had more ideas and so on and so on. It just kind of happened.

Contact Katie on Instagram, Twitter (@KLFStudio), and on Facebook.
View and purchase Katie’s jewelry on Etsy.

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