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Star Wars: JJ Abrams Talks to Howard Stern about Luke… and the Force

I really want to know how many of you have already bought your tickets to Star Wars – my nephew has, and we haven’t only because we don’t know how many of the Conrad Nutcase Household will be going, what with college finals the same week. So we’re all at the point of screaming over every new little tidbit (unless you’re oversaturated, in which case you’re probably not reading this post) – did y’all see JJ Abrams on Jimmy Fallon? How about on Howard Stern yesterday? I can’t bring you Jimmy, but here’s some video from his appearance on Howard’s Sirius XM Radio station, Howard100!

And more, on why he directed this film:

AND, if you still haven’t had enough –┬áhere’s some audio only from that same interview.

More about the film

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