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Killjoys’ Hannah John-Kamen Signed for Ready Player One

As we await the Season 2 premiere of Killjoys (and Dark Matter, but Tom will take care of that) with barely-contained excitement, word came out today that Dutch, er, Hannah John-Kamen, has been signed to appear in a Steven Spielberg film!

According to Deadline Hollywood, she’ll be one of the leads in Ready Player One, the film based on Ernie Cline’s video-game centered book of the same name. The film, a Spielberg project, won’t come out until 2018. The book, if you haven’t read it already, is set in the not-too-distant future, when life is lived almost entirely in the virtual world – school, communications, and more.


From Deadline Hollywood:

The futuristic tome takes place in 2044 and follows a virtual-reality game creator who offers up his entire company to the best player who can find an Easter egg in one of his many virtual worlds via a game called OASIS. Teenager Wade Watts (Sheridan) decides to take it on after millions have failed over many years. The key to winning the game is a plethora of pop culture clues from the 1980s. Whomever figures it out and wins the game — without having their avatars killed in the process — takes over the entire OASIS empire.

The movie will also star Jon Hamm, Tye Sheridan, Olivia Cooke, Ben Mendelsohn, and Domhnall Gleason. If you’re a fan of early ’80s video games, you’ll want to read this book and put the movie release on your calendar. One of the book’s most interesting images for me was the depiction of shipping containers, stacked like Jenga blocks, as a vertical  trailer park – can’t wait to see how that’s translated to film (of course, you could just watch HGTV for shipping container home conversions…).

I haven’t been watching recent seasons of Game of Thrones – don’t send hate mail, I’ll get to it – but John-Kamen is apparently a recurring character there, made a brief appearance in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and has had roles in several BBC productions. But of course, her biggest role is the one we’ll get to see her back in a week from TODAY! (And I’ll give you more next week, as we get closer, but the first two eps are FANTASTIC. Pree – who would have guessed?)

You can order the book Ready Player One here:

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