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Outlander: Ron Moore Talks TV and Baseball

Ron Moore did a quick impromptu Q&A tonight with fans on Twitter (presumably while waiting for a baseball game!). He discusses not only Outlander, but a bit on Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek. Some interesting nuggets here!

Q Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck?
A 1 horse-sized duck and a shotgun please.

Q How many episodes for S3 & S4?
A The plan is 13 per season but always subject to change.

Q Your favorite player?
A Brandon Crawford.

Q Favourite scene in S2?
A Star Chamber.

Q Would you ever return to the world of Battlestar Galactica or Caprica for a new show?
A You never say never but I feel like I’ve finished that story.

Q Any regrets about BSG? Story arc? (Along with The Wire, best post-911 drama)
A Individual things and subplots here and there but very proud and satisfied on the overall.

Q What was your favorite episode of Outlander this season?
A 207 – Faith and 213 – Dragonfly in Amber.

Q Question about the ending of Battlestar – did you ever consider having the fleet find a modern Earth?
A We did discuss early on but decided not to go that way.

Q When do you start shooting Season 3?
A Early fall/late summer.

Q Will you be doing all your filming for season 3 & 4 in Scotland?
A Probably not but haven’t locked in locations for sea voyage and Caribbean.

Q Any chance of going to South Africa to use Black Sails ships?
A It’s under discussion.

Q Any pencil and paper for notes or all electronic?
A Pen & paper for game, all digital for show.

Q Will Brexit affect your work in Scotland?
A Don’t think so immediately but long term is unknown.

Q Sisko vs Adama fist fight. Who wins, besides we, the viewer.
A Adama. (Don’t piss him off especially if he’s got a flashlight handy)

Q Will you film in the US at some point?
A Don’t know.

Q Are seasons 3 & $ going to be filmed concurrently or consecutively?
A There will be a break in between.

Q Do you think Voyager will be as difficult to adapt as Dragonfly? The same? Easier?
A It’s already proving much easier.

Q How many times do you watch each episode?
A Really hard to say. Maybe a dozen? Also lots of watching individual scenes and sequences without going through whole show.

Q How do you plan to handle the appearance aspects for Sam and Cait in future seasons when they are 20 years older?
A Recasting both of them, of course…. 😉

Q Are you serious about recasting Jamie and Claire?
A Uh…….no

Q Can we keep Murtagh?
A Are you holding him captive?

Q Do you see in the future of Outlander that you may go beyond the story in the book? As if making changes?
A The changes we make obligate us to follow them up in the show as we go forward but try to keep to books.

Q Which scene are you most looking forward to for Season 3?
A The ship scenes.

Q Thoughts on the new Star Trek series?
A Wish them well. I know Bryan Fuller and it’s in very good hands.

Q What’s your dog up to today?
A Cuillean is awaiting the return of the Queen, Faegan is asleep.

Q (OK Serious question) Will NC be filmed in Scotland or England?
A Don’t know yet.

Q You can have drinks with three people – living or dead? Who are they?
A FDR, Mae West and Hunter S Thompson. (now that’s a party.)

Q How did you get Claire’s wedding ring to roll into that groove?
A Just a bit of good fortune

Q Cake or ice cream?
A Cake, very moist, light on the frosting.

Q Chocolate or classic yellow cake? This is important stuff.
A Yellow

Q Can Murtagh’s speech please please be included in deleted scenes in the DVD?
A I think it will.

Q Always wondered why there wasn’t a goodbye scene between Adama and Tigh?
A Good questions – we missed that one.

Q How long have you loved baseball?
A Only since 2008. Football before that. Then I saw Ken Burns’ baseball doc and everything changed.

Q What has been the biggest obstacle to overcome during S2?
A The adaptation was tough because it was a more complicated book.

Q Would you rather appear on the show again or go to the dentist?
A Appear on the show – at least the pain is self-inflicted.

Q Will we get a blooper reel for S2? If so, who flubs lines the most?
A I think so but there aren’t that many flubs to be honest.

Q What’s your favorite non Ron D Moore show on TV now?
A Loved Penny Dreadful and very sad it’s gone. Love Veep, Mr. Robot, Silicon Valley, The Americans.

Q Do you relax? What do you enjoy doing, besides baseball?
A Lots of TV and movies. Reading “The Path to Power, The Years of Lyndon Johnson” now.

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