ICYMI: Outlander’s Rik Rankin Answers Fans on Twitter!

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Rik Rankin, Outlander’s semi-new Roger Mac, promised fans that he would do a Q&A on Twitter, and fulfilled that promise this morning. Here’s the chat!

Q Finish this sentence please – “All I want for Christmas is ________”?
A You.

Q Who’s a better singer, you or Sam Heughan?
A Most likely … Me.

Q Loved you in Thirteen! Are you currently binge watching anything?
A Just finished bingeing Westworld. Love it!

Q Not sure how far you’ve read the Outlander series, but is there a time period you’re looking forward to playing as Roger?
A I’m looking forward to the whole journey!

Q What do you like most about playing Roger Mac?
A The dynamic of his story and where that takes him.

Q What is the coldest temp you’ve ever experienced? It’s gonna be -40C in Minnesota, wanna share a coffee and a hug?
A Probably not much below -10. Definitely and yes.

Q What’s been your favorite thing you’ve learned so far about Roger?
A His love for a biscuit.

Q When do you think you’ll come to Australia? Will you require a tour guide?
A I really hope to do that soon. Yes, I will require much assistance.

Q Favorite color?
A Blue.

Q What would you love to find in your stocking on Christmas Day?
A An elf.

Q What’s the itchiest your arse has ever been?
A Excruciatingly. Like f**king itchy. And it was in public and I couldn’t get a good enough scratch in.

Q You met all Outlander fans’ expectations as Roger within 30 seconds of S2 Ep. 13. Do you feel like you are him on screen?
A Thank you! I feel like I’m very much discovering the character along with you.

Q What are you doing for Christmas?
A Celebrating Christmas in Azeroth. (note: from World of Warcraft)

Q Shaven or beard?
A Don’t put me in that position…

Q Who is your celebrity crush?
A Probably Sam Heughan but he never answers my calls…

Q What character that you’ve played resembles you the most? Are you a Sean or a Roger?
A Probably more Sean.

Q Which instruments do you play (why am I not really expecting a serious answer?)?
A The Bongo and the Sitar.

Q If you could choose to travel back in time to any place in the world, where and when would you go?
A The Wild West. But probably more like the wild west in West World.

Q Do you have other projects planned for 2017?
A There are other projects on the go, yes.

Q If you had a theme song to describe yourself what would it be?
A Just Around The River Bend.

Q What Outlander scene are you most looking forward to filming?
A The one with the Mad Hatter!

Q Serious Australian question: what’s the best beer in Scotland?
A Guinness.

Q Has Roger been all the blocks filmed so far?
A I’m afraid I won’t be giving particulars on the filming of S3.

Q What was your first acting experience?
A When I was 4, I played Billy Joel. #formyparents

Q What’s your favorite Billy Joel song?
A Piano Man.

Q If not for a role – beard or no?
A Probably no.

Q What is the last gift you gave someone?
A The gift of love.

Q Any holiday trips coming up? If so, where to??
A I might take a little trip to NY.

Q Favorite role?
A Totty scone with bacon. Don’t really have a favorite. I’ve enjoyed most of them for different reasons.

Q So, which are your favorite biscuits? And if I bake them for you, will you give me a bear hug?
A I like a hobnob. Can’t beat a chocolate digestive either. Yes. You’ll get all the hugs.

Q What are you looking forward to filming the most in Outlander?
A Well, I’ll just have to see what they give me! All of it!!

Q What was your first videogame?
A First game I can remember, I think, was Jet Pack on the Spectrum.

Q What is the weirdest dream you have ever had?
A I had a dream recently and it was a fight sequence we did in play called Blackwatch. It was spot on. Move for move.

Q Which Rik Rankin parody account is your favorite?
A Don’t have favourites. ;0)

Q You auditioned for other roles on Outlander. Fans were thrilled you were rejected.If you could switch, who would you like to play?
A Bouton.

Q Have you ever been to Texas?
A Yes. Austin. Loved it! #Blackwatch


Q How do you prepare for screen tests where their purpose is to view the chemistry between actors?
A By bringing the producers chocolates.

Q Cats or dogs?
A Dogs.

Q If the TV story follows the books you mostly film with Sophie Skelton and Caitriona Balfe until season 4. Are you missing male company?
A Filming with Caitriona and Sophie is a joy. #perfectlycontent

Q How is working with Sophie?
A Always a chore. Never a … wait… I mean always a pleasure never a chore? That the right way around?

Q Will we see you in the Last Kingdom soon? Dying to see your man bun.
A That’s not really a question…

Q Will you sing in Outlander? You have a beautiful voice.
A If they make me.

Q Every been to Canada? We’re friendly!
A No. Would love to!

Q What’s your address and when are you out of town? (from Sean Biggerstaff, @Seanchuckle)
A You know my address. I wasn’t sleeping when you turned up last.
A (from Sean) Cripes.

Q Can we see Roger with a kilt?
A You’ll need to speak to @OutlanderCostum about that!

Q Do you prefer theater or screen acting?
A Love them both for different reasons.

Q Name one thing on your bucket list.
A Pilot’s license.

Q If you had to choose between Steven Cree and Sam Heughan??
A To do what with…?

Q Boxers or briefs?
A Neither. Yassss!!

Q Best place to enjoy best said quiet Pint?
A Who said it was going to be quiet?!

Q Any plans to narrate an audio book?
A Not presently. Would love to.

Q Your favorite place in Glasgow?
A The whole city.

Q How about giving us your best American accent?
A How about you book that trough my agent Jane Epstein.

Q (from Outlander driver David Stewart, aka Davie Hollywood) Who’s your favorite driver?
A There’s only one driver for me.

Q (From Matt Roberts) I missed it? Aw man. Next time. I have a few driving-related questions I need answered. I bet Sophie Skelton has a few too?
A Hahaha! I’m quite sure I don’t know what you’re referring to, Matt… Unless it’s my driving expertise you’re after.
A (Matt) Why of course that’s what I meant.
A 😉

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