Outlander: Matt Roberts does a Super Sunday Q&A

Matt Roberts did a Twitter Q&A on Sunday morning in honor of crossing the 40K follower mark! All photos used are Matt’s, except the Mattenachs’s photo collage.

Q When do you anticipate to complete filming in South Africa?
A We will be in SA for a few months… can’t say any more than that or I’ll be working on a new show come fall.

Q How has your life changed with the success of Outlander?
A Well, I’ve been lucky enough to see Scotland, South Africa and parts of Europe all while working on Outlander.

Q How’s that coffee table book of photographs coming along?
A Well, as you know, my day job keeps me quite busy so I’m not sure the coffee table book will be coming out anytime soon.

Q What is the most unexpected part of your job?
A I didn’t really expect the fans to be as engaged as they are; it’s both a blessing and a … :-{}>

Q What are you currently reading?
A I’m currently reading Drums of Autumn for the third time. I’ll let you guys figure out why…

Q Will we see maroons and alligator heads at the end of S3?
A You know me better than that – you spoilers. But I do think book fans will be pleased with what’s to come.

Q  How many episodes have you written for S3?
A I’m writing 2 episodes and also co-writing one with Toni Graphia for S3. (from another answer – this is the finale)

Q Is it true that you wrote the longest ever sex scene on TV?
A  Well — they say “write what you know!”  :-{}>

Q When do you start filming in SA and have you started prepping for season 4?
A Sorry everyone I cannot give out production or premiere dates.

Q How many people total will be traveling with Outlander to SA?
A Just me — oh, and one big bag and one carry on.

Q You’re playing Jamie AND Claire and filming and directing etc etc??
A Haha… misread the question.
A (from Terry Dresbach) I’m am not altering Claire’s costumes to fit you.

Q You have a very busy schedule. You are happy about it? tired of it? or both?
A All of the above … happy and tired. Outlander is a full time job. Rarely home to see family and friends.

Q I’m curious what a typical day (if such exists) is for you? You seem to be up at all hours?
A Up around 5-6 to write, 7-8 to studio or location, depends on if I’m directing 2nd U or scouting or in meetings, LA calls until 8-9.

Q Iconic moments in books… do you try to keep much of what is in book for show or try for a bit of an adaptation?
A They’re iconic for a reason —

Q If there was one person in the world or history you would love to photograph, who would it be?
A Bigfoot… then there’d be PROOF.

Q Do you foresee any controversial fan reactions to anything you’ve done/will do in S3?
A I can’t predict how fans will react. But I’m very excited for you all to see S3 if that counts for anything.

Q What do you do when you have writer’s block?
A Drink heavily. Write drunk, edit sober…

Q Are you recognized on set and asked for autographs when you go out?
A Just by my accountant on bills…

Q If you weren’t working on Outlander right now, what sort of projects would you be working on?
A Well, I have to fix the back fence in my yard (or maybe a western)

Q Your thoughts on Glasgow? Have you enjoyed it?
A I love Glasgow, and the whole of Scotland – it’s been a home away from home.

Q I’m super excited for the Outlander title cards. They are always thrilling. How many are you set to direct this season?
A I’m doing all the title cards this season. We have some really creative and special ones this year.

Q What do you think makes Jamie & Claire “work” so well?
A Even in conflict they respect each other. Oh, and unconditional love.

Q Have anything fun planned for this year’s Outlander day?
A Fun… what is this thing you call fun?

Q So happy you’re an NFC fan. Where are you watching the game today??
A The Super Bowl doesn’t start until midnight here… won’t be able to watch – early call in the morning.

Q What is the best part of co-writing a script?
A I only have to type half of it.

Q Do you get seasick like JAMMF?
A I do get seasick.

Q How are locations picked? Do you scout and send in suggestions or are you sent to specific locations?
A We brief the Locations dept. – they search – we go scout what they find – we pick what we like.

Q When you write a scene that you know will rip our hearts out, do you chuckle gleefully or cry along with us?
A I love to write scenes that bring the “good” pain, tears. And I’ll be bringing the pain in S3.

Q Is there anything we fans can do for you?
A Play nice amongst yourselves. After all you ALL love Outlander.

Q So the big important question. Do you like coffee? (Maril) and (Diana) do not!
A I never drink coffee. I drink tea. #greatminds or tastebuds

Q What is the best first step I could take to working on script writing? Can I be your intern?
A Read every script you can get your hands on. Best way to learn.

Q @Mattenachs (a Facebook group) posted a photo collage to you yesterday. As always, thanks for your photography inspiration.
A I saw it – the Mattenachs are awesome!

Q Do you move with the cast to SA?
A I’ll be in SA the whole time we are there.

Q Do you drink whisky like the rest of the cast?
A I’ve been known to throw back a few in my day.

Q Are Outlander scripts available anywhere? Would love to learn from them.
A I think the @Outlander_Starz website has them up.

Q You stated you’ve reread Drums of Autumn. Any scenes you are sure you want to see in S4 or possible write for S4?
A I’m eyeing any S4 episodes with a certain SB in them.

Q Are there script writers whom you consider to be your guru? William Goldman, Blake Snyder, or someone else?
A Funny you should mention William Goldman – he’s simply the best of the best. I’ve read everything of his.

There you go… from South Africa

Q You introduced (Maril) to Outlander. Did someone introduce it to you or did you discover it on your own?
A I was a reader for a production company and Outlander was my first assignment. Then I just kept reading.

Q What is your birth date?
A Nice try!

Q Will you get a break this year, or are you going straight into prepping S4?
A Nope – straight into S4. That’s how we roll.

A Well, as they say in Glasgow – “that’s me”! Thanks everyone, enjoy the game! It’s been Super. Until next time from SA.

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