More Colony at San Diego Comic Con: Sarah, Tory and Ryan Condal!

More interviews! Rounding out my busy Colony experience at San Diego Comic Con, I had the opportunity to chat with Sarah Wayne Callies, Tory Kittles, and executive producer/showrunner Ryan Condal.

Highlights from the discussions:

  • I asked Sarah how Katie feels about Maddie now. What do you think, will the sisters get back together? And she discussed the nature of adventurous women on TV – “a woman who takes a risk is a terrible mother, but a man who takes a risk is a hero.”

  • Tory came across some questions where he just couldn’t tell us the answer – watch him struggle with the desire to share and the need to keep Broussard-silent! He let us know, however, that the show will resume filming in September.

  • And Ryan discussed writing this show in today’s political climate, and how we’ll now turn to a refugee story in Season 3.

Here are the videos for these three interviews. The sound quality isn’t fantastic – the rooms are very loud, but I think you can hear the celebrities well!

And Part 2 of the Colony panel!

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Part 1 of our Colony SDCC coverage -Josh, Peter, Wes Tooke


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