‘The 100’ Talk Season 5 & Space Babies at SDCC

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When we last left our survivors from The 100, they were scattered. Some of the group were underground with Octavia as leader. A small group made it to space before the nuclear fall out made it to them. Clarke was left on the surface in her attempt to align the dish. Fast forward 6 years and now we see Clarke survived. Not only that, but she has a small friend with her, a young night blood she raised during those 6 years, Maddie. She continues to call for the others in space with no response until one day a new ship comes down, but it is not her friends.

Bob Morley – Photo By: Robert Prentice | TiBS

The cast of The 100 sat down with press at San Diego Comic Con to discuss what to expect in season 5. The cast had only read the pilot for the new season so far. However, Jason Rothenberg had some details to share with us on what to expect from the new season. Jason teases that we will have some flashback scenes looking back at the time the team spent in space and underground for 6 years. Specifically that Octavia is going to be very different in season 5.

When asked about whether ‘space babies’ might be a thing for the crew who spent 6 years in space, Bob Morley commented that they have not seen anything beyond the pilot episode yet, and no space babies so far! Christopher also commented that he would rather not have to deal with babies for his character either. I am sure fans of Bellamy and Clarke would not be too thrilled if there was but we shall see what happens.

Eliza Taylor – Photo By: Robert Prentice | TiBS

Richard Harmon is a lot of fun to interview, always the life of the crowd. He commented that time jumps like this tend to unshackle characters from previously constricting story lines or situations. They get to come back after 6 years and all options are on the table for their character. In Murphy’s case, any issues he had with Monty are long gone and he is part of the group. For Clarke, Eliza Taylor comments that she is now a mother and her perspective on things will change in season 5. She now understands her mother a little better and her priorities are going to shift drastically as a result.  It is also a major role reversal as she is now the grounder going into season 5.

Marie Avgeropoulos talks about Octavia having to deal with law and order while stuck in the bunker. Given there are so many different ground clans and traditions, some break the rules. She had to decide how to punish those that did while in such a confined space. What she did and how she did it defines her for season 5. She is ‘under the floor’ again which is not where Octavia wanted to be.

Be sure to checkout the full interviews below and let us know what you are most exited for in season 5 of The 100!

If you will be at Dragon Con in Atlanta Labor Day Weekend, stop by and check out The 100 cast panels, which I will be moderating, as I discuss with the cast season 5 and talk with former cast members about what they enjoyed most on the show. Here is the panel schedule for Dragon Con in Atlanta Sept 1st – Sept 4th.

The confirmed cast for the panels are: Christopher Larkin (Monty), Richard Harmon (Murphy), Zach McGowan (Roan) and Tasya Teles (Echo).

The 100 Cast Q&A – Saturday @ 2:30 PM (Westin, Peachtree Ballroom)

The 100 Cast Q&A – Sunday @ 11:30 AM (Westin, Peachtree Ballroom)

The 100 Cast Q&A – Monday @ 10 AM (Westin, Peachtree Ballroom)

The 100 Fan Panel – Monday @ 1 PM (Westin)

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