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Star Trek: Discovery has been renewed for a second season.

Star Trek: Discovery – Season Two Gets A Green Light – News

It looks like folks are going to get a little longer to talk about the many implications, both positive and negative, they see in the new Star Trek: Discovery series as CBS All Access just announced that season 2 has been given the go-ahead.

The new iteration of the Star Trek television family has proven to be a much-talked about and dissected offering with its far darker tone, changes in the Klingon look, and a recent dropping of the “F-bomb” in an episode. CBS All Access reports that the show is driving subscriptions to the All Access platform and that it is being well-received. The first season will be done in two chapters, with chapter 1 finishing on Nov. 12. The first season’s second chapter will debut sometime in January 2018.

To my mind, the news that Star Trek: Discovery is getting a second season is a positive development. The fact that they announced the news so early provides a vibe that there is a commitment to the show. What it also provides is time for the show to really develop its identity through the myriad of characters we’ve been introduced to thus far and the stories it will tell.

Generally well-received, the show has come in for plenty of analysis via social media and other platforms, but I think that’s what makes it so interesting. The passion of Star Trek loyalists is truly something wonderful to behold. To compare it to the other Star Trek shows that have come before it is sort of a futile effort, though. There is nothing wrong with the new series carving its own path within the Star Trek realm. For my money, that’s exactly what makes it more interesting.

And now we know we’ll get a second season to really get our Star Trek blood-lust flowing. My advice, a barrel of bloodwine, vintage 2309. There is no finer vintage.

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