Outlander: Matt Roberts Surprises with a Twitter Q&A

Matt Roberts is really a ninja writer – no notice, no big graphic from Starz, but we got a surprise Q&A from him this afternoon.

Q There is really nothing romantic about going through the wilderness of a jungle.
A Agreed. Thankfully Outlander is an epic love story and not a romance. :-{}>

Q Then can we PLEASE not have our heroine in an epic love story do something akin to interacting with a coconut?
A Perhaps you have me mixed up with someone else…

Q How many episodes are you writing for Season 4?
A At least two…

Q What is your favorite scene from all the episodes we have seen so far?
A I don’t play favorites.

Q Always wondered how Maril got you to read Outlander?
A Um, I gave Maril the books.

Q When will you be back in Scotland scouting Season 5 locations?
A What do you mean back? Here now. And we don’t have a Season 5 as far as I know.

Q Why can I never think of a good enough question when Outlander peeps do Q&As?
A Stage fright?

Q Did you have to slow down filming due to heatwave?
A Heatwave? This is Outlander.

Q Who comes to set more prepared, Sam or Caitriona?
A They both do… they are pros.

Q Will there be any surprises in the season finale?
A I hope so.

Q You need to pick one episode to submit to an awards organization for consideration that captures the Outlander production at its best in as many aspects as possible… Which S1, S2 or S3 episode do you submit?
A That’s an extremely clever way of asking “what’s your favorite episode?” Kudos.

Q I’d love to know what you’re reading currently.
A A biography of Thomas Jefferson and Undaunted Courage.

Q Your biggest wish besides peace for the world?
A I’d take a sane world at the moment.

Q What have you been bingeing on of late?
A Just watched Godless. I love a western.

Q How are you feeling about S3 reception by fans and does that influence you at all with respect to S4? What are the top 5 things you’ve learned on this project?
A Feeling good, ratings have never been higher, audience responses mostly positive. My job is to be influenced by the books.

Q Can you say anything about the S3 finale?
A It’ll end the season,.

Q can you get Maril to do a Q&A? It’s been a long time.
A Feeling like chopped liver here, Stephanie — #illseewhatIcando

Q I would love for you to check out the new American Revolution museum – you would love it. Lots of Outlander ties too.
A I follow them.

Q Favorite show you would like to write for, if you weren’t involved with Outlander?
A I would have loved to have written on the Sopranos.

Q Tell me about your love of photography. When did it start? And do you always use a camera or sometimes your cell phone too?
A I received my first camera at 5 years old and loved it ever since. And I usually have a camera with me.

Q What writer past or present would you most like to sit down and have a drink with?
A Steinbeck – past. And Jodi Picoult present because we have much to discuss.

Q Do you ever have writers block?
A When I get stuck I research… it usually opens up the doors.

Q I love your photos. Do they help you in creation when you’re writing an episode, for example?
A Thank you. No… but photography is just another medium to tell a story.

Q I love seeing the photos you post. Do you have any tips or tricks for someone wanting to get into photography?
A Carry a camera (or cell phone) and take as many photos as you can… and edit (throw out the bad ones) your work. Editing forces you to be critical and you’ll improve.

Q How long did it take you to grow that sweet ‘stache? My hubby can’t seem to get his to grow like the rest of his beard.
A The Van Dyke has been with me for many many years now. :-{}>

Q Not that you should. But would you shave the mustache sometime?
A Only in emergency situation.

Q Will the wait for S4 be as long as for S3? Say no, I beg you.
A I certainly hope not – we are filming now and have two episodes finished.

Q What’s on your holiday list this year?
A To actually get one.

Q I know that you like to hear reviews about episode from us fans. But does it bother you to hear some of the negative comments? By the way, this season has been amazing.
A Wait, what>? I like to hear reviews?

Q Will all of S4 filming be in Scotland?
A No.

Q Best location found for S4? Have you been to Fraser’s Ridge?
A I’ve been to every location.

Q Do you have any pets?
A I have a dog.

Q How about sharing a picture?
A Her agent won’t let me… she’s shy too.

Q Do you prefer to write in the morning or at night? Are the outlines you work from detailed enough to not get yourself in a pickle contrasting a script someone’s writing at the same time?
A I write very early in the mornings and the outline is meant to keep you on track.

Q Has producing and writing for Outlander gotten harder as the seasons go by? What you expected? More complicated? Simpler?
A Harder for production.

Q How many times to you usually end up watching an episode before it actually airs?
A Roughly 10 times.

Q Did you know Outlander S3 ep 7 & 8 is on German TV right now, and you’re ruining the German twitter conversation about the episodes.
A Es tut mir leid.

Q I love your courtesy in answering questions but not answering questions.
A I do my  best to give answers without giving too much away – I like it when we can surprise you. And that’s no small task.

Q Purely out of professional curiosity, can you still make some changes at what stage?
A Editing.

Q Any plans to get behind another camera and direct?
A Yes.

Q Do you use any product on your mustache?
A A trimmer.

Q What do you think about the idea to publish a book with your beautiful photos? I would buy it, promise!
A Thank you. But it would take up too much time right now… one day though.


A Geez, when you throw sad eyes at me like that – we’ll be filming in Europe.

Q Can you be more specific? Europe is a big place.
A Not yet, we are still scouting.

Q Any new projects your working on, if you  have the spare time?
A What is this thing you call – “spare” – time?

Q Thank you for always taking time out of your busy schedule for us! You’re the BEST EVER!
A  Well maybe not ever.


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