Outlander: Caitriona Chats on Twitter About S3 Finale!

On Monday morning, REALLY early (for her US viewers, a decent time for European fans), Caitriona Balfe did a Twitter Q&A. She had planned to do another one later for her US audience, and I was waiting to publish this until that one happened, but it hasn’t yet… so here’s the first part!

Q What was it like filming the Geillis scene where you attempted to separate her head from her neck? 👩🏻‍⚕️🔪🤕

A It’s always great to work with . I can be kind of clumsy so was very worried about how close my machete swing was getting to her!!!

Q With all the snow we have in the UK at the moment, thought I’d ask if you’ve ever fallen of a sledge and done damage to yourself or others?
A No…. that sounds like a silly thing to do !

Q Can someone please tell me why those yanks just wandered off leaving them on the beach? Is it the usual way to welcome visitors?
A Yeah not sure. We did wonder that…. weirdos.

Q Were the water scenes really difficult to do?? They looked difficult amazing job by the way for you and Sam.
A It was fun but we had to have a training session to get us used to staying under water.

Q A B or C? Which season has Sam hit you the hardest. A) In the first season he was harder. B) In the second season he always hit me hard. B) In the third season he hit me hard all the time

Q what can you say about season 4 ?
A It’s cold.

Q Favourite song of all time?
A Vincent ..? Don McLean ..?

Q My questions have were ready since Saturday, do you promise not to ignore me?
A That’s a question..???

Q What was your favourite scene to film of the finale ??
A The storm #fun

Q one thing that you miss about shooting in SA
A Sunshine and the awesome crew.

Q Who do you think Jamie is more afraid of? Claire or Jenny?
A Jenny for sure.

Q We all love Claire, but what do you think is her most annoying trait? I mean, nobody is perfect
A Her perfection !!! Hehe. Maybe her stubbornness

Q What do you like when about the process of producing a new season?
A The new characters we get to meet.

Q When you say ‘night shoots’ are they actually through the night, or early in the morning?
A Depends. Sometimes we shoot through the night until 5, 6 am ….

Q It’s alright Cait… some of us (IE me) haven’t watched the finale yet. I have to wait till Tuesday ( my time- in. Australia) so for me, you’re waaaaay early xx
A Then maybe I should wait until Tuesday????

Q what was the most emotional scene in this season for you?
A Leaving Bree!!!

Q How long is your break over Christmas? Will you go scuba diving?
A I’m going to find a beach.

Q do you have any advice to deal with anxiety and stress? University is so mentally exhausting these days
A Learn to find some moments to just breath and clear your mind. Meditation is key to a calm mind.

Q Claire went through for a intense self knowing journey in this season, what do you think was the best thing she learn about herself ?
A Resilience is a good strength to have.

Q How did that soap taste??
A Better than the turtle soup.

Q were there any s3 scenes you weren’t 100% happy with?
A There are always things you wish you could redo … as in life but the key is acceptance!!!

Q Cait are you aware that many fans believe that you and Sam have a secret romance? What can one say about it?
A I think we’ve talked that subject to death !

Q Caitriona how different it was to act with children this season ???
A I think it’s quite unfair to keep calling Sam Heughan a child. He’s much more mature than he comes across.

Q How much time do you have for the Q&A?
A I’m typing and getting dressed at the same time

Q Favorite guest star this season?
A Albie Marber, #EliasPound

Q Will Claire have more grey hair in season 4?
A No but I do…


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