iHome Star Wars X-Wing Bluetooth Speaker

By: Robert Prentice
iHome star wars

With the iHome Star Wars Bluetooth Speaker, Stream audio up to 30 feet with this stylish Star Wars Episode VIII dragonfly Bluetooth speaker. Powerful and equipped with a long-lasting rechargeable LiIon battery, this light-up speaker produces broad-spectrum sound and is ideal for on-the-go use. A microphone inside this Star Wars Episode VIII dragonfly Bluetooth speaker ensures you can answer and make calls via speakerphone.

We were sent this speaker free for the purposes of reviewing it. Our review below is our honest and unbiased opinion of the device.

Our Review

What says you are a Star Wars fan more than having an X-Wing bluetooth speaker at your desk while you jam out? With the recent release of Solo: A Star Wars story and episode 8, Star Wars has come back into the mainstream for a new generation of fans. iHome is a well known product brand of connected devices, so I had high expectations for its connectivity.

Pairing the device to my phone was very simple. Once I turned it on, I could see it on my bluetooth and connected right away. From there playing music through the speaker was as simple as clicking play. The speaker itself is decent, nothing special but for the price its better than some off the shelf 2.1 speakers. Using voice commands was perhaps not as friendly as I had hoped.

To use it you have to hold down the mic key for 3 seconds to get the voice commend program on your phone to register that you are calling a command. The response from the speaker to the phone and back of that command is slow. So while it can be used for the purpose of answering and making calls, its a bit clumsy.

At a retail price of $35 currently, I would consider it priced right for what you get. Even at its most basic you get a Star Wars collectible item with the ability to play the music of your choice through it, which makes it a fun item to have at your desk. As far as using it as a speaker phone or to make calls, stick to using your phone or headset.

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