Outlander: Sophie Skelton Chats about Bree, Role Models and Rollo on Twitter

Hi fans!! I’m here and ready for . Fire away! Will try and be as detailed as poss but forgive the limited characters on Twitter 😘

Q Hi sophie , was it difficult for you to play the scene where you break Roger’s heart ?
A The whole scene was beautifully emotional to play.B’s heart is breaking too.She doesn’t want to lose R. But she isn’t the one giving the ultimatum here.She just dsn’t want to make him a promise she dsn’t know if she can keep or not yet.She saw how that hurt Frank.

Q What 3 things do you have in common with Bree?
A Stubborn, stubborn and… stubborn 😬🤭

Q Do you remember how you found out you got the role for Bree?
A Yes! My agent called me all excited and I was fast asleep with jet lag. Ooops!

Q What advice would you give Bree if you could?
A Let people in. Don’t be afraid to show weakness and vulnerability in your feelings. But she gets there on her own as the season goes on 🙂

Q Is there a prop that you, maybe accidentally, 😈took home with you… Of course you didn’t .. 😉😉 so hypothetically what prop would you have liked to take home with you ?
A I didn’t! But I wouldn’t have minded “accidentally” taking home some of a particular character’s furniture…



Q with your character not really knowing her biological father, do you think that she would feel as if she may have some of his personality traits, not just his physical ones?
A Definitely! I think there has always been a part of Bree that questioned aspects of herself and their origin. Even the fact she changes from History to Engineering when Frank dies is a big signal of this – It must have been there even before she knew about JF.

Q IMO, your portrayal of Brianna makes her character seem more relatable and rational compared to the books. What are the elements of her personality/mannerisms/facial expressions that you feel bring her character to life on the screen this season?
A She is gentler as she grows in the show. The world is a little lighter for Bree this season. She misses C a lot but she also patched up a 20yr strained relationship with her. Roger is no longer a stranger and she is in love (whether she admits it or not!)

Q What is your M.O. when it comes to your craft? How did you prepare for this season & Brianna’s journey/growth? Absolutely love your portrayal. I was skeptical with your casting, but I’m grateful for the vulnerability & gravity that you being to the character.
A Thank you.Most audition scenes were actually from S4.I had to strip Bree back to her younger, slightly harsher self for S2&3. Re prep, I’ve just always been able to get in B’s head. She’s a very misunderstood character.but as she thaws this season you get to see a diff Bree.

Q Is there a quality that Bree/Roger have that you are inspired by in your personal life? P.S. I adore you as Bree! Book Bree annoys me so much, TV Bree charms the hell out of me!
A Lovely to hear! Bree inspires me to be more fearless in terms of being judged and worrying what people think. As a couple they inspire me to communicate in a relationship far better than they do. Tell the people you love how you feel!

Q We would like to know if playing the role of Brianna has changed your own personal character, or maybe do or see things differently having had the Brianna character experience?
A Yes! I admire her bravery in just being who she is. I think we can all afford to be a little more sure of ourselves especially as women and ignore judgement or certain insignificant expectations.

Q What makes Bree and Roger’s relationship unique?
A They saw a woman run through stones!

Q I’m sure 2000 people will ask but did you really slap Richard 🤣👋🏻
A Me?? Never?!!!

Q What thoughts go through Bree’s head when Roger gives her the bracelet (*before* she realizes he’s about to propose)?
A “You might not love me at all?!” 💔

Q Why is Audrey Hepburn so important to you? Is she your role model?
A Amongst many other things! the woman massively contributed in the war to help the Dutch resistance by being a spy. She is strength personified. A little like another lady we know!!

Q having met you, I know you write beautiful and passionately when you meet your fans at autograph sessions, had you ever considered becoming a writer?
A I adore writing. I’m just not very good at sitting still for too long!!

Q Did you slap by mistake while filming that scene? Also, how many takes did it take to get that right?
A No, we wanted it to feel real and feel the heat of it organically by making the shock and regret and fear and pain and anger of it all happen in that moment.

Q If Outlander were to wrap tomorrow morning and you could steal anything you want from set, but only one thing, what would you choose?
A Rollo.


Q What were your first impressions of Brianna and how has that changed after playing her for awhile now.
A She is strong and stoic like Jamie. But more guarded too. Yet the more time I spend inside Bree’s head the more sorry for her I feel. She has had a tough few years and a potentially slightly lonely-feeling childhood.

Q I watched you in Ren: the series a while back. Knew right then you be a perfect Bree!! Was that the first acting job you had? I love that series wish there was more of them!!
A Thank you!! Loved that role. The very first job I had was actually playing Snow White in a commercial with a chef called Jamie Oliver. Then a British series called DCI Banks.

Q What did season 4 bring you that the previous seasons didn’t ?
A More aspects of Bree to let loose!! Xxx

Q Do you have any scene with that you can’t wait for us to watch? Because I don’t care what it is, I just cannot wait to see the two of you sharing a scene again!
A LOVE THAT WOMAN! Yes, plenty of Bree and Claire to look forward to. Working with is a dream. Amazing actress and always gives 100% even when it’s not her take.

Q was your hair actually dyed red in the season 2 finale when we first meet you? Cause then it changes to a much more vibrant red in season 3. I’ve been wondering it for so long and many other characters have switched to wigs so i wasn’t sure
A It was! And then bleached because of the darkness of the dye then fell out 😱 So had a wig for Season 3 to brighten the red. A few characters do now.

Q Bree inspires me a lot, i’m 20 years old and to see all she went through when she was just as young and how strong it made her, really have helped me as well. thank you for bringing such a beautiful character to life.
A I’m so glad. That’s what I want Bree to be this season, a light at the end of the tunnel for people going through the same things that she is.

Q You are a professional soprano singer, we will ever hear you sing on the show or in any future roles?
A Hopefully! Would love to do a musical film

Q You’re a sweetie 😊is there any acting job you’ve never done and you would like to try? Comedy? Theatre?
A More comedy would be great! Do miss theatre.

Q what was the most challenge thing about Bree, emotionally speaking, that you had to embrace this season?
A Bree goes through a trauma this season. Different to anything she has experienced before. My biggest challenge was putting myself in that headspace and hoping to do justice to people who have been through similar situations.

Q Are you excited to see our reaction when Bree meet Jamie? Cause I AM
A She does what?!!!! 😉

Q And how was it working with …allegedly?😉
A I don’t know who that is but I’m sure he’s super lovely/talented/cool and generally just an awesome human and colleague!!

Q which of Audrey Hepburn’s movie is your favorite one?
A I adore Roman Holiday but probably Funny Face -a beautiful person inside&out who doubts themselves in so many ways that they become introvert and it takes a stranger to see their potential and mke them believe it. Sounds like a sentiment lots of us echo in 2018 !

Q Something you have in common with and/or …given that they’re “your parents”?
A Love of whisky !

Q Who’s the biggest kid/funniest on the set? And who’s the most serious?
A Everyone is such a joker!! Honestly couldn’t pic. All have me in stitches

Q how was it to work with ?
A Awesome. Adore her and she is such a great actress. As you know!!

Q What is your opinion about Claire and Brianna’s relationship?
A Such a shame that they were so disconnected from each other for so long. Wasted time. Bree misunderstood her mother and took things personally. Now they’re friends as well as mother and daughter. Thanks to honesty about JF. Working mums is hard for all.

Q Which qualities of Roger you (as ) like and dislike?
A Like that he is invested and romantic, dislike that he doesn’t talk about his what’s going on in his head. He gets defensive and scared and pushes Bree away.

Q what would you say to someone who has a dream, but doesn’t know How to make it come true?
A There is always a way. You’ll find it. Don’t listen to the nay sayers. And good luck!!!

Q the fans of Harry Potter consider you as the fancast for the character of Lily Evans, i just wanted to let you know about it because it could be an amazing idea tho
A I’ve seen this! And it makes me ridiculously happy.

Q Who is your fav to film with ? or lol
A Oh oh. I’ll let these two answer that.
A (Sam) Say you love me more and I’ll give you a new wig and ALL the grenade bars

A (Sophie) Right?! Enough with the bribery. Don’t be so materialistic Heughan 🙄 (throw in a car and you’ve got yourself a deal). What??? Who said that?!

Q Bree talked about missing Claire to Roger, how do u think being without her mother impacts in the way Bree sees life?
A Lonely, scary, senseless at times and a bit of a jumble. What her mother went through has changed her perspective on the world and the people in it too.

Q what do you relate to the most with Bree?
A She doesn’t let people in very easily. But when she does she will protect them no matter what.

Q this Scottish festival…did you guys get to actually do any festival activities or was it strictly for shooting purposes
A Tried to eat the candy floss!! But no time, all just for shooting. Incredible set by and his team. He is amazing, makes it all feel so real which helps our job massively!


Q it was such a privilege to hear about your process to get into Brianna’s head. Can you promise to share some of those insights when the time comes? It would be so meaningful to many!
A I would love to!! Thanks so much and lovely seeing you!!.

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