Outlander: Sophie Answers Twitter Questions!

Sophie Skelton took a few minutes to answer questions on Twitter yesterday!

Q how did you like working with ? Was he an inspiration ?

Q How did you feel about Bree’s decision not to use the name “Fraser” when she booked passage to America like she does in Drums of Autumn?
A She doesn’t feel like a Fraser yet.She is starting to notice traits that now make her think that’s where they come from but she’s still Frank’s daughter in her mind&she feels she’s betraying him&everything he did for her by going to find Jmie.Rightly or wrongly.

Q How was it to play when you meet Jamie for the first time???
A Awesome! I think it was actually the first scene that Sam and I filmed together if I remember correctly ?? We had a funny moment of realizing we hadn’t actually worked together properly despite seeing each other arpund set for 2 years.
A (Sam Heughan) All downhill from there….

Q What single emoji can you tweet describing Bree and Jamie’s meeting? If there is to be more, feel free 😉
😣 then 🤔 and some 😯and then 😶 and then a little 😥 and then just 😭😭😭😭😭😭

Q 60s outfits or 1800s outfits?
A 60s. Corsets are horrific!!

Q what’s one thing you admire about Bree’s growth throughout the series?
A She handles trauma differently. She dealt with Frank’s death and the guilt that came with it by putting up barriers & being stoic with her emotions. Now she actually softens and lets her loved ones in. It’s so easy to try protect yourself by pushing people away.

Q I’m guessing you film for 100’s of hours on each Block and then it goes to editing. 1) How do you feel when you watch an episode for the 1st time? 2) Is there a scene in 407 that sadly ended up on the cutting room floor that you can share with us?
A 2)B got robbed in ep7. She hitched a ride with an Irish family because her ankle was so bad & they took everything except her mother’s pearls which she’d sewn into her dress.L then sees them later when B&L argue in the bedroom. Never trust the Irish hey, ?!😉

Q Bree will be going through a lot in S4. What kind of research did you to do prepare yourself to go there emotionally?
A A lot. I watched & read a lot of interviews. I also looked into the science behind victim responses to certain traumas and how victims appear during those traumas as well as after. Some people experience traumas differently and this dictates how their PTSD reads.

Q Do you think your character will begin to better understand all of Claire’s relationship decisions after meeting Jamie?
A I think she understands them enough anyway by this point. They have grown closer now as mother and daughter and Bree now sees the sacrifice her mother made for her too all these years. Her mother is an intelligent woman & Bree trusts her mother’s instincts.

Q What’s it like to have Caitriona and Sam as “parents”?
A Blooming AMAZING. I adore them. They’re both extremely supportive, incredible actors, super good fun on set and just genuinely two of the nicest people you could share time with on and off screen ❤ love you, “parents”. Also look super good for their 50years 😉

Q episode 7 will always be on your fans’ hearts ❤️ is there another one in this season that you also think it’s really special? which one?
❤ thank you. Ep 9.

Q I love hearing you sing in the last episode, we know that roger sings a lot, how about Bree??? we will hear you again?
A Thank you! Nooo, I think Bree is more of an internal singer 😉

Q Even though I was nestled beneath two down quilts while watching 407 I felt chilled to the bone with empathy watching you wandering through the Highlands with your neck and arms bare. Was it real or green screen? U were great!
A It was real and it was cold!! Would have been in envy of those bed sheets!

Q What would you miss the most if you had to travel in the 18th century?
A Spotify. Toothpaste. My family.

Q Do you think Bree understood the implications of her life if she couldn’t get back to her own time?
A I do. She intends to go back after she has warned her parents about the fire but I think she is fully aware of the magnitude of the decision she is making and the potential implications of of it should it not go to plan re returning to her time.

Q will Bree ever understand the huge sacrifice that Jamie made for her? Sacrificing the love of his life, his heart so that she would be safe.
A Absolutely. She now sees her mother’s sacrifice for her too.


A Yes! They definitely had some “badass” similarities.

Q It’s no a question, just a compliment, about your performance in the last episode you were bloody brilliant, seriously in so many moments you did things that remind me about Jamie or Claire … AMAZING!!!
A Thank you

Q how‘s working with ? you two were brilliant together!
A It was great. She is EPIC and I love her to bits. Plus, you haven’t had a proper initiation into the story until you’ve had a run in with Laoghaire !!

Q Any useful or rather not useful things you’ve learnt from or ?
A Hide your snacks. Very useful. Found that out the hard way.

Q are you as anxious as I am to see the Frasers together???
A Yes!!! 👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧👨‍👩‍👧

Q have you ever cried (in a good way!) because of something your fans said/done?
A Yes. You lot are amazing ❤

Q Bree is a very strong and inspirational character, how do you feel portraying this kind of character knowing how much they means for a lot of women around the world, especially young women????
A Honestly, extremely honoured. Especially with what Bree goes through this season. We see her become a woman, for one and that’s a hard time for any girl and can be confusing or depicticted in a glorified and untrue way. But we see Bree’s true and ugly sides which shows us it’s okay not to be perfect. She also goes through more than any human should ever have to. We follow her through that and I hope that gives women who have experienced similar some light at the end of the tunnel to see someone else start to heal.

Q What movie are you excited to watch? I want the Lion King
A Mary Poppins!!

Q the Aussie & Kiwi fans would ❤️ 2 C U down under ‼️ as part of a cast convention or on your own, we’d be thrilled 2 welcome U here anytime 👍👍😊😊
A I would love to!! Have to go and give that David Berry some grief!! 😉

Q why do you think Bree didn’t go with Claire when she decided to go back to 1700’s?
A Because she knew her mother would be okay and happy. Bree’s life is in the 70s

Q Sophie, who has a better sense of humor, or ?
A Oh oh. I’ll be in trouble here. What say you ??!!!
A (Caitriona) Depends on whether you’re laughing WITH or AT …. I leave you to draw your own conclusions! 😘
A (Sam Heughan) Wait… what… what?!?🤪

Q Claire // Jamie or Bree // Roger?
Claire and Jamie. Bree and Roger’s arguing is exhausting! I mean, for goodness sake communicate, B&R!!!
A (Richard Rankin) Hell kind of answer is this?!? What, like they ALWAYS argue?! Y’know you’re Bree, right ? Actually, know what, doesn’t matter…


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