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Outlander: Rik Rankin Drinks Coffee… er, Chats on Twitter

A You can’t beat a good bit of banter! It’s always well intended fun. So… I mean… Yeah,. I hate @SamHeughan for posting this 😘

Q seeing you now in North Carolina I was wondering if any any of your family immigrated to the US and if you don’t mind telling us what area did they settle?
A I’m not aware of any family that moved to the States. I remember always being slightly envious of friends who had though as they always seemed to be away visiting them on holidays.

Q Where were you and what were the first words you said when you learned you had been cast as
A I was filming in Bristol, I believe. And I think after my agent called me to let me know, I fell asleep.

Q I haven’t read the books and a little behind on my episodes (I like to binge watch) … please tell me, is there a happy ending for you all?
A You’ll just have to keep watching to find out!! ‘Happy Ending’ is definitely subjective though.

Q You had really bloodshot eyes in the part when you are prisoners of the Indians. How did the make-up team do that?
A For part of the journey with the Mohawk and immediately after the beating, I had been fitted with a red contact lens. Our make up team did a wonderful job on the rest of it too and keeping track of the progression of the wounds.

Q Where there a moment in s4 where you thought:” What the hell am I doing”? As to all the hazzles poor Roger / poor Rik had to go through?
A I very much enjoyed my time on Season 4. I love my job. Roger, however… I asked that question many times of him from the moment he decided to be a hero. And with pretty much everything else he undertook after that.

Q How much time did you spend in makeup each day after Roger’s beating? The progression of your makeup from the end of Wilmington & through was great.
A I was with makeup for up to 2 hours a day. So, no great hardship. People have spent a heck of a lot longer in the makeup chair.

Q As a high school teacher, I am curious what your favorite subject in school was.
A Science, English and Geography were three of my strongest subjects and I still take a lot of interest them.

Q Roger has changed a lot since he began pursuing Brianna at the festival. Were there personal experiences you channeled to grow the character and if so, what were they?
Not so much personal experiences but this transition of Roger’s character has been something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time and have had a good deal of time to prepare for it.

Q 1. Would you like me to arrange an ultra luxe private holiday at some of the most stunning luxury lodges in Western Australia? 🏝☀️🚁👍🏻 2. Can you please bring Sam with you in your suitcase? 😍
A 1. Yes. 2. They don’t make suitcases that big or people big enough to carry them.

Q Ok, I’m going to be serious here…many fans have mixed feelings about your character. What do you hope they take away from your portrayal of Roger so far?
A I think they have mixed feelings about Roger because he’s human and has his flaws and sometimes his approach can be less than optimal but his heart is always in the right place and in spite of his stubborn pride, he has unwavering integrity. A truly good man.


A They’re blue. 😉 Sure!! If they’re having random present anytime soon, I’ll take a crack.

Q Can you please clear up this “cake in the face” scandal from Wizard World? People are losing their shit over it and it’s starting to sound like a bigger deal than Roger being sold to the Mohawks.
A Someone put cake in my face. They thought it was funny. Turned out it wasn’t all that funny. End of story. No need to fan the flames. 😂 ‘Fan’ the flames. It’s really not that big a deal and Im always having a laugh at my booth so… It wasn’t malicious.

Q What item from Rogers own time do you think he wishes he had with him after he traveled through the stones?
A I was always curious why Roger didn’t take penicillin with him. Especially after commending Claire on taking it. Wasn’t thinking clearly, perhaps. But probably something along those lines.

Q when we see Roger next is it biscuits or cream and scones we see him eating with Fiona?
A I’m pretty sure ‘Have a little cream on your scones’ was always a euphemism with Fiona. So may be best to play it safe with the biscuits, ay? Why am I talking about fricking biscuits again. Stop it.

Q Was it different to portray Roger in Brianna’s dream compared to Roger in other scenes? How does the acting change when your character is within another character’s dream?
A Well we didn’t do too much of that but, yes, it was a Roger removed from reality obviously or how we normally know him. It was something we were quite aware of and playing on the day.

Q Hi! Do you have a particular ritual before filming a difficult scene and/or one to help you decompress afterwards?
A Yup. Coffee before. Coffee after to decompress.


A Like you have to ask… Orally.

Q Besides Brianna, are there any other reasons 🧔🏻 has for staying in the 18th century?
A Well yeah. He’s a Historian who has found himself at a particularly prominent juncture in American History. At the same time, he’s not going to hang around for very long. I think he’s aware that he’s very much not of that time.

Q Do you think should actually touch that stone? Would you?
A No.  Yes.

Q ok..this is the deal breaker…Star Trek or Star Wars?🤓
A Star Wars. But if Bill is watching then definitely Star Trek.

Q Will there be any more singing for in S4?
A I’m not sure he’s in a very chirpy mood at the moment. He may be singing himself to sleep. But nothing that we filmed.

Q Hey hey I’m going to be tied up later and can’t participate in the can you ask if he did his own stunts in the last episode???
A Enjoy that. Not sure I would call what I did stunts. I did as much as they would let me… But our stunt team did any heavy lifting. And kudos to them. They’re brilliant.

Q Do you remember this tease of “Bree”? 😂😂  today!!

A Still love a nice wedge of Bree every now and again. Small doses of course. It’s a little rich for me sometimes.

Q On a slightly more serious note, knowing how you keep yourself aware of what people say around Twitter, does it frustrate you when viewers interpret your character’s actions and motivations differently than how you envision them?
A Not really. What we’ve done so far has generated a lot of discussion and debate so even if they don’t necessarily agree with Roger’s actions, it’s still drawing them into the story and the resulting conflict/drama that follows.

Q If they were to flip the script and have actors take opposite sex roles on Outlander, who would you like to play?
A  I’d give Brianna a go.

Q Did you have a ceremonial burning of the culottes after filming wrapped?
A No… They’re still lurking around somewhere.



A Yes. Let’s petition @outlander_starz for this.

Q How long did you have to wear the clothes that you went through the stones in, and did you like wearing them? Oops 2 questions
A I didn’t mind wearing them. Plus… I always knew what costume I was getting into on any given day 😂 That particular costume was around for a long time. There’s a story behind it. And it was appropriate.

Q This is a serious question. How does one prepare for a love scene? No joke, I am actually curious, being such a shy person. Hope that’s ok…
A I’m loving that people have to differentiate serious questions. Most love scenes will start with some sort of rehearsal ahead of time and a chat with the director and your co-star so that everyone is comfortable and feels safe in what they’re doing.

Q How many take for you to film the fall from S4E10. Did it hurt your wrist? It looks pretty really.
A A few! And, yes, my wrists were raw by the end of it. Those ropes are not very forgiving.

Q Are you able to give input to the writers if you think Roger wouldn’t say or do what they wrote?
A Oh I give input all the time to which usually replies ‘Noted’.

Q What real life event do you summon up to help you focus on a very emotional scene?
A I try to keep it within the realm of the character and what he’s personally going through. There are diminishing returns on using personal experiences or ’emotional recall’ *nkyactorreply

Q Can you give us a condensed version of Roger’s thoughts as he stumbled along behind this Mohawk horse, mile after mile?
A Sure. ‘This is pish’

Q I believe Roger is under-appreciated by women of today. He has strong moral character and stands up for what he believes in, yet he is just a man. Your performance is spot on!
A Many thanks, I completely agree.

Q my co-worker hates Roger. I’ve told her he’s really nuanced and she’s just missing how awesome he is. What is your response?
A Roger hates your co-worker. So now we have balance.

Q If the whole acting thing hadn’t panned out for you, what would have been your other career choice?
A Not entirely sure the acting thing _has_ panned out for me yet. However, I’d probably remain in the industry. Always had an interest in cinematography. So maybe work towards DOP.

Q Did you like New Orleans coffee? Did you try coffee and chicory (I think it’s an acquired taste)?
A Literally just had it at was very nice.

😳That eejit Ian is making moves on your handfast wife! What are you going to do about it??
A  I think I’m safe.

Q Australian here… subjectively what would you say are the best accents in the world, OTHER than Scottish (which we know is #1)
A That’s an interesting question… I love a southern US accent. East Coast US accent. Australian. South African. Really loved listening to the Mohawk dialect on set. Wonderful language. Its a toughie… These are but a few of many.

Q Silly question perhaps but, how are you enjoying the ride so far? 🎢 It’s been great watching it from here
A Not a silly question at all! It’s been incredible and keeps getting better. The fans of our show are second to none.

Q I’ve been begging for an for ages! There are so many musicians in your cast, like David Berry, and we know has sung! 😉 Would love to see the cast do at least a single together, for a charity? 🎤🎤🎼🎹
A I’d be up for that!

Q My mom when she saw Roger near the stones, shouted “Nooo” !!! Do asked me where he goes ??? What I gonna answer to my mom ???
A I’m gonna answer… Watch this weekend on


A I think that was more out of necessity than friendship. Love the artwork!

Q Can Roger ever forgive Jamie? (Actually, at this point, did he even know who Jamie was and why he beat Roger so savagely?)
A Time is a great healer and all that. No. I don’t think at this point he had the time to process any of what was going on and can’t yet fathom why it happened… But he’ll come to his own conclusions, I’m sure.

Q Are you ready for season 5?. (Not an easy one for Roger, for sure!)
A Yes!! Bring it on!!! (though I’m not sure I’ve _technically_ been invited back yet?) 😕

Q Hey hope you’re well. It’s been an ‘interesting’ S4 so far for Roger what has been your favourite scene/s & toughest scene/s to film so far & why? Thank you for taking time to interact with fans!
A Toughest scene, practically, was put by the stones as it was abnormally cold that day. One of the toughest to play was Bonnet throwing the little girl off the back of the ship. That was quite draining. I can’t say that I have a favourite. The finale is epic!

Q I think Roger dies in S4 though 🤔
A Ah, crap. Forgot about that.

Q What do you do in between sets to pass the time?
A Annoy or @matthew_b_roberts or or anyone else in close proximity. They really enjoy it.

Q Will Roger be able to get his revenge on Jamie?? Would he even want to?
A I think there’s a fire and a temper on Roger that we’re only really starting to see. But who knows?! Keep watching.

Q what about your french outlander clan ? a word (in french it’ll be funnier) for us? 😉
A Je t’adore aussi !!

Q Is Sam giving you a hard time about anything in particular you’d care to share?
A He often gives me a hard time for being _slightly_ more handsome than him. But I know there’s love there, right ?
A (Sam) 😳🥊🥊

Q Do you have the kind of relationship with Diana as the other hot Scot? Do you get information from her that helps you create your own character arc?
A Diana has been so generous in lending her ear whenever I’ve needed it. A great support and really helps fill in any blanks or address any concerns in staying true to the character she has written. I’m always grateful.

Q What is one of your fave hobbies?
A My new favourite hobby is sitting in the middle of the French Quarter in NOLA, listening to a bit of saxophone doing a twitter Q&A.

Q Are you the least bit worried that you just gave your location on twitter?
A No. Come say hi.

Q What was Sam’s first reaction to your fight scene makeup?
A I can’t wait to make up. Its going to be hot.


A Yes. Me wondering if that horse’s leg is OK has definitely got my attention. Many thanks for the compliments.

Q Why are you so good in everything you do? Does, what seems to be, your intrinsic playful nature help or hinder? Loved you in ‘Thirteen’ btw…a first encounter.
A Well that’s very kind of you to say! I think being playful and open in a scene keeps you free to being spontaneous and organic in a scene. Open to suggestion and the influence of your scene partner(s) **kyactor

Q Your face ever looked that bad before?
A I’m from Glasgow. My face is like that every third Friday.


A She’ll usually try and throw me off a couple of times. On occasion, successfully.

Q Do you have difficulty getting into character?
A I have more difficulty with not being in character.

Q Did you enjoy the memes? Which ones were your favourite?
A Yes!! I love them all.

Q  In all seriousness, is it hard for you when you feel people are misinterpreting the character of Roger (motives, beliefs, etc)?
A I don’t know if it’s much misinterpretation or rather simply not agreeing with his approach sometimes. But I think seeing this man from a contemporary perspective slightly skews his good nature and intentions slightly. He’s doing his best.

Q Okey, let’s give it a try… What’s the most difficult thing about playing Roger???
A Being so nice all the time.

Q what is your all time favourite movie? And could you see yourself doing that same movie?
A Probably the Godfather Part 1 & 2. Don’t think there’s a part there for me. I’d give Tom Hagen a go.

Q I think you’re doing a fantastic job playing Roger, but if there was another character in the show that you could play, who would it be?
A Thank you. That’s very kind. Probably Steven Bonnet.

Q did accidentally make any contact with your face during filming of rogers beating?
A There was the occasional glancing blow but Sam is a pro. Went pretty smoothly.
A (Sam) Obviously I wasn’t trying hard enough….

Q Can you cry easily on cue? I just saw your Silent Witness, and that was quite something!
A Depends on the scene and the writing.

Q Very important question: What’s your Hogwarts house?
A Hufflepuff!


Q When will roger and bree stop fighting????
A When will night stop becoming day…


A That’s very kind of you. Our fans deserve all the love!

Thanks for all your questions, folks. Sorry if I didn’t get to yours. Next time!! Enjoy the rest of S4 and thanks for stopping by. Stay classy. Go… Just gonna stop there.


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