Outlander S3 Trading Cards – Info and a Contest!

After months of delay, the long-awaited Season 3 Outlander trading cards finally have a release date – February 15! That’s right, one month from today, cards should begin to be shipped to distributors, then to dealers, and finally to customers!!! Have you ordered yours? If not, take a look at what you might be missing.

The Season 3 card set focuses on season 3 of the series. Cards will be available by the pack (5 random cards per pack) – contact Erin Conrad for information; by the box (24 packs) or by the case (12 boxes). There is also a matching binder available. Card boxes, cases and binders are available from threeifbyspace while supplies last – click here to order! The base set consists of 72 cards that tell the story of this season’s episodes. There will be a couple of “chase sets” – special 9-card sets that focus on one specific thing. Chase sets for this season include:

  • The Skye Boat Song
  • Character Drawings
  • On Set, featuring Jon Gary Steele’s beautiful set designs

In addition, both the base and chase cards will have three different variants. These cards will be inserted randomly into packs, in varying degrees of availability. The variants will include:

  • All cards printed on a canvas stock (one in every 3 packs)
  • All cards printed with a gold foil Fraser Crest (one in 8 packs)
  • All cards printed with a red foil Fraser Crest (one in 30 packs)


Special cards will be randomly inserted into the card packs:

  • A. Malcolm folding card
  • Printing plates (cards will never be reprinted, so the red, blue, yellow and black print plates of every card are included in the complete run)
  • Autograph cards (1 per box)
  • Wardrobe cards (1 per box, plus randomly inserted extra double and triple wardrobe cards)

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A. Malcolm Folding Card

AND!!! Special news, exclusive to threeifbyspace: Each case will contain 1 hand-drawn sketch card! These beautiful cards will be a collector’s dream. These are all original sketches – approximately 400 of them are being produced, and each one is absolutely one of a kind. Cryptozoic will release images of these cards on their website after tonight’s broadcast  so keep an eye out for those! But we have images of a couple of them!

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In tonight’s Outlander Gab on the Air, I interviewed Dustin Porras, assistant product manager for the card publisher Cryptozoic to talk about this season, the process of creating the cards, and lots of other card info. If you haven’t listened to this episode of our weekly radio show, you can catch up by going to our Live Radio page and clicking on tonight’s episode. During the episode, I gave info on how to enter our contest (below) to win special card prizes – and only listeners will know how to complete one of the entries. One name picked from the listener entry will have first choice of all of the prizes available, and several other winners will then choose from the other prizes.


Enter our contest for several trading card prizes below. One prize per person. Winner of the radio show listener entry option will have first choice of all prizes available, and other winners pulled will then be allowed to choose from prizes remaining. Threeifbyspace reserves the right to limit the choice of prizes going to non-US winners (open internationally, but some prizes are easier to ship than others). Prizes will consist of wardrobe cards, autograph cards, Season 2 base sets, and promotional cards. If an entry asks for a blog post comment, please go to the bottom of this post and leave your comment there, NOT in the Rafflecopter box. Threeifbyspace is not responsible for any problems encountered in trying to enter the contest – if you find that you are having issues, our best suggestion is to try a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc).

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To order card boxes, cases or binders, click here

See images of season 1 and 2 Outlander trading cards at OutlandishTradingCo.com!

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Learn more about Season 3 cards and other products from Cryptozoic

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