Outlander: Sam Does a Season Wrap-Up Q&A

Following the fourth season finale episode, Sam Heughan did a Q&A with fans on Twitter!


Q I’ll be heading to spin class at 6, but that one tear that hovered before falling. 💔Perfect take and superb acting Sam! How many takes were there for that? When Ian said he’d stay.
A Love this episode and emotional moment to say goodbye to Young Ian, practically his son! Proud of him and JB was awesome to play opposite.

Q I’m so sad that is over. This was a great season. So, and actually, you guys fought excellently. How long did it take to shoot that scene? Did you guys keep a straight face through it all?
A Tough scene, Richard brought a lot of emotion. So strong. In fact, everyone this season has had a lot to play. Not particularly one to mess around in. Was good to finally get a scene with him that didn’t involve me hitting him!

Q traditional question….what one or two items would you liked to have stolen away to your trailer from season 4….for safe keeping?
A I loved the kayak! We all did. Not the midges….

Q What new projects do you have?
A Bloodshot movie – with Vin Diesel coming next year. And SAS Red Notice movie – this September (playing lead)

Q I named my son Jamie after ya he is adorable i would love a tweet back so i can introduce him to you.
A Hi Jamie. Jamie.

Q what was your favorite episode?
A Hard to say one… each ep had amazing scenes… love Bree arriving… and Murtagh! Meeting Jocasta?! Saying goodbye to Ian?

A One word…. Dark

Q did you learn a few French words/sentences (curse words work too😜😜) while you stayed in Paris for a few days?
A No… I learnt A LOT of bad Hungarian words

Q Working with these past five years, what are some things that have remained the same?
A We have fun. She’s such a pro. I eat more than her. I’m so lucky.

Q Why do you think that the Frasers are always saying goodbye to each other? I still haven’t got over the farewell scene between ian and jamie
A Haha yes, we have A LOT to fit into each episode and season! Never a dull moment.

Q Are you slightly sad that season 4 is over? Or just ecstatic?
A Oh so ready for a rest. But not long until we start season 5…!


Q I loved watching the bonding between Jamie and Bree! How was it to finally work with Sophie?
A SO GOOOOOD!! Isn’t Sophie amazing?! Even for a geek….

Q when was the last time you saw and when is the next time you see her again?
A Lunch a couple days ago. She paid. She may need a break from me.

Q Did you read The Fiery Cross?
A Started!

Q What was the most painful scene you had to shoot this season?
A We shot a scene, after deaths of Gavin and Lesley, Jamie very emotional. Was very upsetting to shoot. It was cut. Also a love making. Not every scene makes it but that’s the challenge of tv adaptation

Q What did you find was the best way to motivate yourself for those reeaaallyyy early mornings?
A Coffee… coffeee… cofeeeeeeeee and my driver Davie plays loud music to wake me up.

Q How was it to shoot the fight scene between Bree and Jamie?
A Actually scene where Jamie teaches her lesson, it wasn’t her fault, we shot twice. First time in driving snow. Sophie was amazing every take, every time. Would love to see the first version.

Q do you ever sleep?? Holy cow you’re either working out, on a plane traveling somewhere, or filming something!
A I’m taking this next month off, been very lucky and busy. But I feel ready to crash.

Q I’m taking this next month off, been very lucky and busy. But I feel ready to crash.
A Just amazing! is the best. It’s magic. Honestly.

Q did u take any prop home with you? What did u like most?
A Probably a horse or the rifle…. both might fit in my house? Just..

Q was there an alternate scene where Jamie and Claire made it back to be with Brianna for the birth that didn’t make the cut?
A They were kind of busy looking for Roger. Not sure it was physically possible for them, unless they had a car

Q what’s the first thing that comes up in your mind once an episode is wrapped?
A Usually there’s at least one day off. A prep day, read through, costume fitting, rehearsal, stunt rehearsal, any skills needing to be learnt, learn lines and then….Start shooting the next?

Q do you ride your new bike to work? Tearing it up at 5:00 am??
A Not yet… don’t tell production, good idea!

Q If Roger Mac starts a band on Fraser’s Ridge, what instrument would Jamie play? My guess.. whiskey jug
A Lead singer


A Ummmm AUNTIE??! Murtagh!!!!!!!🤯🤪😵🤮

Q would you like to produce or direct an episode of outlander someday? i would LOVE to see you directing one!
A LOVE TO! ….would you guys?

Q I do not know what to do without seeing you every week
A Watch some reruns? Go see my movie in September!

Q The Native Americans on looked like they were playing Lacrosse. Can you explain ?
A Yes, something very similar. Apparently invented by them. I forget the name. Wonder if we could combine Shinty….

Q what is your favorite thing about being on the show?
A The family of cast and crew. And honestly, the Fans!x

Q The was fantastic! How do you think Jamie will go about the situation with Murtagh in the next season?
A Have to wait and see… but looks like trouble is brewing! History tells us that!

Q Whats your favorite movie to the Oscar 2019?
A I have been so busy, I haven’t seen many. Watching Bohemian R tonight. Love Queen.

Q is it true will eventually explain the Highlander ghost watching Claire in the first book/season ? Care to make a fun guess as to how it will connect? 🙂
A Diana told me very early on what it means. You’ll have to wait…. maybe

Q I have a slightly unrelated question. I am a brand, new Peaker as of 2 days ago! I was wondering, are there any plans for an MPC app? Thanks for all the amazing work you do, on and off the screen!
A Working on it…. and welcome! 2019 has a WHOLE NEW look and will be best year yet!

Q Can you tell us something you are excitedly looking forward to in Season 5?
A Oooooh it’s very exciting. I can’t tell you much but will be big one for Jamie. Blow your mind…
A (Steven Cree) He gets it on with Ian Sr. Finally!


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