Westworld Season 3 Teaser Trailer

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Now that you’ve all had a few hours to process that Game of Thrones finale, we can talk about something very important that happened last night. Subtly slipped in ahead of the most anticipated finale of the year, HBO gifted us with a most impressive teaser trailer for another of their hit shows. I won’t lie, I did not make the connection to Westworld straight away. Assuming this must be some new scifi show, I eagerly took it all in and stated quite confidently that this is something I would definitely be watching… Much to my surprise, it actually was the first trailer for one of my favorite shows on HBO, Westworld.

By the look of things, Westworld Season 3 is going to take us to a whole new world. Stepping outside of the wild wild West realm and into a futuristic reality, where robots still probably outnumber us regular humans. Along with a new setting, there is a new face being added to the cast – Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad). This is a world where things are supposed to be easier, better; yet life for this man seems far from perfect. This doesn’t feel like a Westworld trailer until the very last moment, but in those last few seconds I could hear the collective gasp of thousands of fans, my own included.

I think, if I’m going to get on with my life. I’m going to have to find something, someone… real.


Westworld Season 3 returns to HBO in 2020

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Michelle Harvey