Beautiful New Outlander CZX Trading Cards Debut

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If you have to have all the “stuff,” whether it’s t-shirts, jewelry, bags, Funkos or ahem, all of the above, here’s a new one for you! Official licensed Outlander trading cards from Cryptozoic aren’t new – we’ve already had three seasons of them, but how about a PREMIUM set with even bigger and better autographs and wardrobe cards?

After teasing this new set, which Cryptozoic is calling their CZX Premium set, for months, we got info that these are available for pre-order without any notice over the weekend. They had been a big source of speculation – what would be included? When would they come out? And most important of all, how much would they cost? Well, we’ve got (most of) the answers now.

First, this is the product:

  • Boxes will consist of 6 packs with 5 cards in each box (this was changed from the initial release, to add an additional base card to each pack). Each pack will also have one special card (from the list below). (Wardrobe cards displace other cards in a pack, so packs with these cards will have fewer total cards.)
  • Base set will consist of 54 cards, with images from seasons 1-4.
  • 2 chase sets: Lenticular (hologram?) and STR PWR (similar to Season 2 set)
  • Each box will have 1 wardrobe and 1 autograph card.
  • Single, dual and triple wardrobe and autograph cards, and special combined wardrobe/autograph cards will be included at random.
  • Foil variants of base set
  • Printing plates

Cards are printed on premium thick stock, and feature gold Deco Foil accent. Here are 8 EXCLUSIVE images of the base cards – these images haven’t been seen anywhere else (these are pre-print images, so Foil accent doesn’t show up as it will in the final version).

Confirmed signers include Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Steven Cree, Tobias Menzies, Sophie Skelton, Lauren Lyle, Cesar Domboy, and Claire Sermonne. And – HOW EXCITING – there’s a Diana-signed card that says “Film Crew,” leading me to believe that other members of our beloved production crew have signed!

A matching binder is also available. Binders will have an exclusive wardrobe card included.

Three if By Space has these terrific cards and binder available for sale! Click here for pricing and to order – preorders will be taken through mid-July. Your credit card will not be charged until 2 weeks before the expected ship date (note that the current release date is scheduled for August, but delays are possible; no cancellations once the card has been charged unless the entire set release is cancelled). Click HERE for pricing and the order button!

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