Review – My Hero Academia SMASH!! Vol 2

Hilarious hijinks featuring the characters and story lines of My Hero Academia!

The superpowered society of My Hero Academia takes a hilarious turn in this reimagining of the best-selling series! Join Midoriya, All Might and all the aspiring heroes of U.A. High, plus memorable villains, in an irreverent take on the main events of the series, complete with funny gags, ridiculous jokes and superpowered humor!

Yayyy! This volume of the My Hero Academia parody series covers the Sports Festival, internships and other fun stuff. The Sports Festival turns into a crazy baseball game, and then Izuku Midoriya, a formerly Quirkless boy and now the inheritor of the world’s greatest superpower, starts having some weird fantasies. Plus we all get turned into…babies? How could you not want to read about that?!


What if every crazy thought or idea you had about the My Hero Academia characters came true? Well that is what My Hero Academia SMASH is all about. In Vol 2 we get into the sports festival and things don’t got exactly the way they went previously. Shoto thinks Deku and All Might are doing more then eating lunch?! How about Midnight slipping into her darker self with the students?

Instead of going into the calvary battle after the run, we get a baseball game between the students. Honestly this is something I would have liked to see in an OVA or filler episode because I think it would be fun. Much like the swimming race that got sadly interrupted between the boys in season 3. The internships are next and those get even crazier. Did you think Bakugo looking all clean cut was all Best Jeanist tried with Bakugo? Think again.

I will say this again, I really wish they had made an anime out of these volumes. It would be so much fun to see the antics. They did it with Attack On Titan so I guess it isn’t impossible. Still, if you enjoy quirky story alternatives (see what I did there?), My Hero Academia SMASH is for you. Vol 2 is out now at Amazon or RightStuf. They are moving along quickly with the volume so I expect it won’t be long before they are caught up to the anime itself.

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