Outlander: Caitriona Replaces Paley with Twitter Q&A

Today would have been Outlander’s presentation and panel at PaleyFest, but like so many other events right now, it was cancelled. So Caitriona helped to satisfy our craving for our favorite cast members, and did a second Twitter Q&A this afternoon, taking fan questions for nearly an hour.

Q What would be Claire’s go to book either from 40’s to 60’s or 18th century?
A Hey! so, from the 40’s The stranger Albert Camus, from the 60’s Valley of the Dolls and Robinson Crusoe form the 18th century

Q Claire has basically been through hell and back again and has grown so much in her knowledge as a healer and person. How do you feel her path has made you grow as a person living through these challenges with her?
A She has shown me how to believe in myself like she does….

Q favorite nonfiction book?
A Legacy of Ashes… History of CIA

Q What do you do to relax after a long and hard workday?
A I don’t… I learn my lines and go to bed

Q why are you and Jamie standing with your back to the camera in the intro of season 5.
A I have no idea …a question for Matt and Maril…


Q Hi, which season of Outlander is your favourite one ?
A Probably season 1… season 3 comes a close 2nd


Q Do you have an all time favorite episode? or scene that you’ve filmed?
A Scene from season 1 Ep 6 with BlackJack… was pretty amazing for an actor… end season 1 Jamie and Claire scene at the stones…

Q Do you have any fav animation?
A Up…

Q It seems like a lot of people are bingeing or being introduced to new series during all of this. What’s been your go to show?
A I just started watched Its always sunny in Philadelphia … and there are 14 seasons!!!!

Q if today’s Caitriona could say something to Caitriona from the past, what would she say?
A Stop worrying so much…

Q what is the funniest thing that happened to you on set while filming s5??
A The goats peeing…

Q if you could sum up the entire show with only 5 emojis what would they be ?
A All love

Q What movie always make you laugh, and what movie always make you cry
A Breakfast at Tiffany’s … makes me cry…. Elf…makes me laugh

Q Where’s your favorite place you’ve traveled to?
A Nepal one of my absolute favourites…. Costa Rica…. Italy… everywhere

Q What are your go to travel essentials/clothes for a three day weekend?
A Face wash, moisturiser, a toothbrush and some mascara and a lip…. Then jeans and a nice dress…

Q what music do you listen to and who do you like
A Countess Malaise

Q Without revealing too much, what is your favorite episode in this season?
A The Beardsleys was one of them…

Q If you could have directed an ep from outlander that already exists from any season, which would it be?
A Helwater

Q You all seem to have a great time on set. Do your families and friends have a favorite character, other than YOU, of course.
A I will ask them

Q Do you think that if Claire would have travel 200 years from the future until now she would have the corona virus cure now?
A She would be on the front lines kicking its ass for sure!!!

Q did you have a book that marked a important part of your life?
A Wuthering Jeights …!

Q Does Eddie have a consistent or favorite babysitter when you travel and no one is at home? We know Sam has been blacklisted.
A Yes… Jess or Marnie …. she loves them both…

Q What’s one food that you absolutely cannot stand, but for no particular reason?
A AS a kid turnips made me want to hurl….

Q Who is the most funny in the crew?
A John props is very funny but Bubbles or Mike our camera operator is very funny….

Q Which episode are you most proud of your work?
A Faith … thanks to Toni Graphia…

Q Cait sends kisses to my friends Márcia and Daniela who are on the front line in a pediatric ICU at Covid-19.
A Sending lots of love and gratitude to them all xxx

Q What’s your favorite poem?
A Seamus Heany…

Q So is it true that you are the one in the cast that keeps everyone in a happy and positive mood each day?
A Who said that..?

Q how was it to record the fourth season?
A It wasn’t always my favourite but the last block was really cool…

Q What are some of your favorite TV shows??
A Columbo, Law and Order SVU , Succession Friends… Ally McBeal

Q If you hadn’t had an acting career, what do you think you would be doing instead ?
A Maybe a journalist.

Q the first thing you are going to do when you get out of isolation?
A Go on holiday….

Q how do you keep yourself inspired to play the same character for so long. I’m a painter who is known for a “look” and struggle to try new mark making. Is it similar in drama?
A Always when being creative you have to balance finding inspiration while also treading over similar ground … I try and challenge myself to find new things or look at things from a different perspective…

Q What were your first thoughts when you first read about Claire and knew that you would play this woman?
A Well I read the book before I knew I was going to play her and I thought it was so fantastic and so fun and so moving that I couldn’t even imagine I’d be lucky enough to play her

Q how do you like your first experience with instagram live?
A It’s great!!!

Q Which Claire scene did you find particularly sad and heartbreaking to shoot?
A Saying goodbye to Jamie end of season 2 and faith…

Q What did you think about The Sassenach Whisky???
A It’s really good!!!! @SamHeughan  did an amazing job!!!!

Q Is it easy or hard for you to memorize lines.
A I find it easy… its a muscle memory thing…

Q What do you like about doing movies vs. television?
A it’s shorter and you have one script and lots more time to film it…!!!!

Q When was your first concert?
A East 17

Q Working with @SamHeughan for the past 6 going on 7 years, what are some things that have remained the same?
A That we have each other’s backs from day one and still do !!

Q (Tim Downie, “Governor Tryon”) Cait would you rather have the wings of a bat or the feet of a badger?
A I’ll stick with my Bingo Wings.


Q Leave us with a positive message.
A This a tough time for everyone but we can get through it with kindness and generosity and thinking of the WE instead of the ME and come out the other side with Grace

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