Outlander: Quick Caitriona Airport Q&A

Caitriona knows how to use her downtime well! Last night, she did a quick impromptu Q&A on Twitter, taking fan questions from an unnamed airport, waiting for her plane.

Q What is your favorite part of Claire’s personality to play?
A Her fierceness!

Q What episode this season is your favorite Jamie and Claire scenes?
A 9

Q Where are you flying to?
A Home …. going to ride this out on my sofa with Eddie ..!!

Q Describe your perfect day.
A Bed. Book. Cat. Room service. (I have lazy tendencies!!!)

Q Loving season 5 have you got intentions of producing episodes in season 6
A The plan is to remain as a producer. Unless we get fired ..!!!!

Q How do you think Claire, as a physician, would react to the situation we’re dealing with now?
A I think she’s be telling everyone that they should wash their hands. Stay indoors and listen to the experts. And then she’s be at the front line helping anyone who was ill !!

Q What’s your fave scene this season that you aren’t in??
A Kyle Rees falling over drunk!

Q How are you today?
A I’m good… just hoping everyone is safe and looking forward to getting home !!!

Q Any words for someone who is feeling really down? All the things going on around the world aren’t helping
A It’s tough at the moment but there is so much good and beauty in the world too. If you’re feeling bombarded by negativity maybe put away phones or turn off the news for a few hours every day and do something nice for yourself. Read, draw, paint -something to nourish the soul x

Q Favorite romcom?
A Breakfast at Tiffany’s #AskCait or A woman is a woman

Q Have you seen Bloodshot yet or going to?
A Not yet but def going to

Q how do you feel having such a great reach… Knowing now you have fans in South America, Colombia to be exact…. Be safe!!!
A Smiling face with smiling eyes

Q are you already finishing Fleishman is In Trouble?
A Almost done!

Q Do you have the hand sanitizer with you?
A Yup!!!

Q favorite movie you’ve watched this year?
A A souvenir… beautiful film

Q What was the most fun thing about #Oscars night? Stay safe in your travels.
A Sharing an elevator with Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson  … Hoping they are both doing well..! And hanging with our editors who won !!!

Q Scotland or Ireland??
A Ummmm Ireland …. as in which is better …??? no contest!

Q Have you had any involvement with the writers /writers room for S6 yet?
A No.

Q My 19 yr old daughter is having to get out of Vienna right now to head back to US all by herself. Mom is nervous! Hope you are safe!!!!
A I’m sure she’s looking forward to getting back to Mum.

Q are you and everyone on the team taking proper precautions to keep safe from the spreading virus?
A We aren’t in production right now but I’m hoping everyone is safe and taking care!

Q I’m so sad I won’t get to see you at Paleyfest! I really hope they reschedule
A Better safe than sorry .. but yes it’s disappointing… hopefully we can reschedule it.

Q what do you plan on doing when you get home?
A Read and hang with Eddie

Q What’s your favourite thing to do on your spare time?
A Eat, read … eat … read …. eat and read!

Q Would do you an instagram live soon?
A Not sure I know how to …

Q do you always bring a book when you travel? and have a safe flight!
A Yes!

Q are those… teeth on that mask?
A Something to keep people away!!!

Q I don’t know which one to buy, you have the last word … which one do you like best?
A Left

Q What are the next plans for the CB Book Club?? Open book  when are we discussing?
A Soon. Got to finish the book!

Q of the episodes we have seen in Season 5 so far what was your favourite scene?
A Drunk Jamie and Claire moonlight walk

okay flight is called. Keep safe everyone. Listen to the experts and look out for your neighbours especially the elderly !!!

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